New!! Custom Tagging on Facebook

Here’s a little gem that I picked up over the weekend. While it can be entertaining and useful, I also see implications for initial spammers. You can now Tag a Page or Application by naming it something else.  For example, let’s say I post on my personal Facebook Profile or another Page the following statement:

Hanging out with the most progressive bunch of people on the planet.

I can substitute the hyper-linked phrase:  “progressive bunch of people” for my actual C3 Facebook Page, so that when someone clicks on the hopefully enticing statement, they will be taken directly to my C3 Facebook Page.

The code for the status update would look like this:

@@[0:[91368159145:0:progressive bunch of people]]

The numbers refer to my Page ID and the terms that I want to stand in for the ID follow the colon and precede the closing brackets.

I can just see the “questionable” sites using the new .xxx domain using this as a redirect to their Facebook Pages with innocent sounding links.  Makes me think that the capability won’t be around for a long time, so use judiously while you can and make your friends think that you are a social media rockstar!  Ok, I could have said GURU, but I detest that moniker!

Now go Market your Page!

p.s. if you are still reading- here’s a site that will crank out the html code for you:  C3 Tip of the Day.

~Michelle Beckham

Simplifying Social Media via C3

Update: as of 12/8/11 the capability to custom tag on Facebook seems to be disabled. Not sure at this point if it is a glitch or a permanent ban by Facebook.

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