Mackenzie's Pinterest

Explaining Pinterest to the Uninitiated: by Mackenzie Corbin, Guest Blogger

Guest Blog:

What is Pinterest?

Mackenzie's Pinterest
Mackenzie's Pinterest

Pinterest is an online pinboard that allows people to organize collections of pictures by their respective categories. The three main concepts on Pinterest are repinning, liking, and commenting.  When you repin a picture from another user’s pictures, it goes onto your own boards. The point of Pinterest is to have many different boards in all different categories, for example one might have a board for all fashion and clothes pictures, or a board of beautifully photographed flowers. Then, when you click on a picture on the dashboard of Pinterest it allows you to repin it. Simply click on the board you would like the pin to go onto! You can also name each of your categorized boards, for example a wedding planner might have multiple boards all under the category of wedding, but one would be for dresses, one for food, and one for décor.

To actually obtain these pictures to repin you must follow other users of Pinterest. When you create an account (after being sent an invite by a previous user or being on the waiting list from the company) Pinterest automatically connects your account with your Facebook friends who use Pinterest or with other famous users who have boards that mirror your interests. This easy set up allows you to start pinning right away! Another way of posting pictures is by downloading the pinterest toolbar button which installs on your internet browser. It allows a user to click on the button when they see a picture of anything they like on any website and capture the image and upload it on their boards. Finally, to post original work users can simply upload their own pictures from their desktops.

Example of a Public Pinterest Board
Example of a Public Pinterest Board

Who uses it?

People from high school-aged to those in the work force use Pinterest in different ways. Teenagers can use the online bulletin boards to have collections of perhaps possible furniture to put in their college dorms to maximize space, or a board of inspirational quotes to start out their day, or a board of yummy recipes to try out. People in the business world can use Pinterest to actually sell their products! This is an efficient way to make their brand known because the more repins on their pictures, the more “SEO (search engine optimization) juice” they get on Pinterest which allows more people to see their product. Repins always link back to the original person who uploaded the picture. Interior designers can use Pinterest to see how different color schemes work in different rooms with furniture, or architectures can lay out all their floor plans.

Pinterest is a great way to visually promote businesses as well as being a fun and unique way of blogging for those interested in photography.

Feel free to check out my Pinterest here!

By Mackenzie Corbin

Mackenzie is a Sophomore Honors student at St. Ursula Academy in Cincinnati, Ohio. She enjoys writing, theater, volunteering for social justice causes and plays Field Hockey and Lacrosse for the St. Ursula Bulldogs.  She plans on majoring in Bio-Medical Engineering in college.

Mackenzie Corbin
Mackenzie Corbin

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