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Facebook Marketing W/ C3’s Michelle Beckham

My blogs have been silent for quite some time. Not because my thoughts and words have dried up, but simply because I have been incredibly busy working the C3 business. 2011 has proven to be a banner year in the first four months, underscoring my decision to embark on piloting my own craft. One of these days I am going to write a post (or perhaps an e-Book) on my journey from corporate marketer with P&G to business owner and social media evangelist in the middle of my career, but for now I wanted to briefly (more later) share some of the great things that are happening in my social media marketing work. Hopefully you will find a kernel of an idea that you can use to market your own business or organization.

Facebook Community Management:

I am having great fun running the social media campaigns for clients. The key is to spell out what your services will be; attach a fair price that adds value over what the client could do for themselves; set benchmarks on key data points and provide monthly reports on activities and benchmarking.  I like to provide screen grabs of key engagement posts so that clients can visually see the Page in action.

Facebook iFrame Customization:

While I learned FBML (Facebook Mark-up Language) and became an iFrame developer to enhance my own Facebook Page presence, I have discovered an explosion in interest from other Pages and have created a series of Customization Products for sale.  They include:

  • Custom Extended Length Profile Pictures that integrate key marketing message or company info
  • Custom Welcome Tabs
  • Custom Tabs (anything a client dreams up from Reveal Tabs, Reservations, Services, Event Promotion, Specials, etc.)
  • Facebook engagement & content strategies that are industry specific
  • Facebook Page Marketing training
Facebook Page Custom Profile Pic Example by C3: Creating Connections Consutling, LLC
Facebook Page Custom Profile Pic Example
Custom Facebook Welcome Tab by C3: Creating Connections Consutling, LLC
Custom Facebook Welcome Tab Example by C3

Having an impactful static marketing space on Facebook (especially when the landing tab is set to one of these colorful Tab Pages) truly does the job of making your business or organization stand out and be noticed. It shows that you are operating in a professional mode.

Facebook Marketing Ideas: 

Operating multiple Facebook Pages gives me a chance to connect with many different communities and to test various theories about engagement. Fans of Pages want to connect with the Page in a dynamic and human way with an exchange of relevant information and back-and- forth conversation. Pages that broadcast only are turn offs.

A winning Page will have Fans that are so smitten with the Brand that they will post relevant content. When the Page can integrate that content in an even bigger way, by recognizing the Fan, then the exchange is elevated to a higher level. Here is an example:

One of my clients is a long-standing restaurant in Cincinnati that is much-loved. They have an annual Cinco de Mayo Party that includes live radio station broadcast, specials, giveaways and general party time hoopla. I created a marketing program to help build anticipation of the event on their Facebook Page. I started a countdown with custom photos marking the number of days left and posted them daily on the Wall. Fans began asking questions about the event. One fan inquired whether the restaurant would have Cinco t-shirts available again.  She shared that her husband had received one at the very first ELC Cinco party years before and she would love to send a new one to his current location: Iraq.

After we chatted on the Page, she shared the story with her husband that night via Skype and it turned out that he happened to be wearing the original lime green ELC Cinco shirt- she quickly snapped a screen grab and posted the Skype image onto the ELC wall. That generated a lot of conversation and her husband took it a step further the next day by posing on a military aircraft in Iraq wearing the shirt. He sent her the picture, she posted it and I turned it into a custom profile pic heralding him as the ELC ultimate Cinco Fan.

El Coyote Custom Profile Picture featuring Fan in Iraq

I was so touched by the number of people who commented on this, including their son who stated in a comment:

“That’s my Dad!!”

This is a simple example of how real people can interact and engage with a Brand- but only if they have the ability to be true listeners in the cloud and are able to mesh the mission/vision and brand essence with the human qualities of communicating in a warm and real way.

Facebook Page Engagment Example by C3: Creating Connections Consulting, LLC
Facebook Page Engagment Example by C3: Creating Connections Consulting, LLC

I am happy to assist your marketing efforts, just give me a call at 513-445-2180. Have a question that others could benefit from hearing the answer?  I have a Custom Tab: Social Media Q&A with a comment box for folks who have a burning question.

Ask away here.

(Note: C3 is a social media marketing firm and Michelle is a Steering Committee Member of New Media Cincinnati, a digital/social media networking group.)