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Crossing the US Border in Search of Al Gore….

Looks like I have been AWOL from this space. While this is true, I must confess that I took a much needed vacation to Canada and Seattle and completely unplugged for the most part. Now please don’t think that I was being altruistic in my departure from the online world; it was quite the opposite.  I simply did not have the access during the day and my sightseeing, shopping, dining, etc rendered a return to the hotel late at night. Try battling 2 teenagers and a husband for laptop time and you see how my version of being unplugged really came about!

Totem Pole on Victoria Island, BC
Totem Pole on Victoria Island, BC via Michelle Beckham

What this experience taught me, is that I have quickly absorbed the information era and was somewhat at a loss when I couldn’t get access to the knowledge that I needed from the veritable search engine Google (or Bing, Yahoo, etc. for that matter…). Trying to determine a trendy spot for dinner, I longed for my Yelp app with real life patron reviews. Lost in downtown Seattle, I wanted my android GPS app to get me back to the Space Needle.  Observing the many homeless actively in our faces demanding money, I wanted to search “homeless in Seattle” to see what was going on with city regulations and how they were addressing the problem.  But alas…..I could do none of these things.

Dim Sum in China Town on Victoria Island, BC
Dim Sum in China Town on Victoria Island, BC via Michelle Beckham

The saving grace is that I am old enough to remember how to maneuver through all of these needs in the “old-fashioned” way from the time before Al Gore invented the  “you know what”!  The sad thing is that today’s teens and young adults probably have no clue……

Crossing the Border Back Into the Digital World via Michelle Beckham
Crossing the Border Back Into the Digital World via Michelle Beckham

Creating International Connections

I love meeting new people and speaking to them in a deep and intentional way.  I tend to ask probing questions that go far beyond surface talk, because I truly am fascinated with people and want to know their inner core.  I want to know what they think, what they feel, and what their dreams are. I want to make a connection.

I recently met someone quite famous in a really weird, ‘no one would ever believe it’ kind of way.  The thing is I had no clue of who he was when we met.  As I spoke to him, I automatically began assessing his characteristics, qualities, etc. and I gave him my candid impression of his “personal brand”: rocker, writer, sensitive guy, yada, yada. These were all characteristics that he did not mention himself. Apparently, I was dead on because he was a little freaked by my description and asked if I knew who he was.  Considering that he was from another country, I was quite certain that we had never crossed paths in any way before and he certainly didn’t look the least bit familiar to me.

He told me that he was indeed a musician and a songwriter and gave me the name of his band and one of their biggest hits. I was so clueless that I had to ask which was the band name and which was the song.  Being the skeptic and ardent Googler that I am, I quickly did a search and came up with a very slick video on YouTube for the song in question. Yup, the guy I was talking to looked like the guy in the video sans dark black eyeliner and tight leather pants.  Still slightly skeptical, I half-joked that if he was a celebrity, he probably had a Twitter account.  I assumed he would tell me that he didn’t, instead he promptly gave it to me and suggested I send him a Tweet later.

We could have left it at that and gone our merry ways, but curiosity got me and I later found the Twitter account he mentioned and sent an @message to him. He immediately followed me and fired back with a response. Did some research and discovered that he was truly the lead singer and front man for the group that he mentioned. Apparently they were very hot in the 90’s, disbanded for a time and reunited in 2007.  They have released 4 albums; received two Juno nominations; and one of their albums has received platinum and gold awards.

Their music has been described as Industrial Alternative Rock which means, according to a musician friend of mine: “..a mix of techno and heavy metal. See Nine Inch Nails and/or Marilyn Manson.” They have a pretty keen social media thing going on: MySpace, Facebook Page, Twitter and a very cool engagement campaign on Indie GoGo where fans can contribute dollars to the band’s next EP release in exchange for a hierarchy of fan goodies (signed CDs, limited edition T-shirts, personal phone call, show tix, etc.).

My new Twitter friend comes across as being very intelligent and creative with a keen sense of what is important to him: entertaining audiences and sharing his creativity vs. a focus on purely making money.  He is sensitive and articulate and was a pleasure to bump into. Really glad I did.

And the mystery Tweeter is?

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