Ghost In the Mirror

Feeling a bit shaky after immersing myself in a social media experience that is leaving tears in my eyes.  Was playing around on Facebook, checking out the stream when I came across an update from one of my grade school friends. We had lost touch for years  and had recently found each other on FB.  Although we attended the same parochial grade school, she went on to the local public high school and I went on to a private all girl’s school in another part of town.  She had just posted an album of pictures on Facebook from her senior high school class trip.  I recognized many of the faces as I flipped through the pics: kids I went to grade school with; kids I attended church with; kids that were part of my community sports, scouting and youth group activities.

Got to picture #12 and stopped dead in my tracks.  Goosebumps formed on my arms and a ghostly, prickly feeling settled around my neck as I gazed upon a face that I never thought I would ever see again.  There he was asleep on the bus on the return trip back to their school.  The photographer, probably high on Mountain Dew, had stealthily taken lots of  up close shots of sleeping seniors, probably in anticipation of posting them to the yearbook (the web was not even a twinkle of a reality at this time).  What stopped me in my tracks after seeing this picture is that the young man died shortly after graduation in a tragic motorcycle accident.

Well, the eerie thing is that I have been praying for him for over 20 years.  Didn’t know his family  and was an acquaintance at best, but for better or worse his death at such a  young age struck me deeply.  His was the first name on a list of people that I have been steadily praying for over the years.  To see his picture (when even the memory of his face had been a distant blur) was just a little too much virtual reality for me.  Memories started to flood back as  I began to  remember where I was when I heard the news of his death and how it affected me at that time.

As teens and young adults, we tend to feel invincible, and when one of our own is taken, our world as we know it becomes shattered.  His death led to the beginning of the long prayer chain that I use today.  It is filled with the names of those taken too early and I already know that as the years pass, it will only grow longer.

Wondering how others deal with “running into” the dead on the social media highway.  The reality is that as we create our footprint and authentic essence on the web, we should make plans for how that presence will be cared for after we pass on.  What do you think??


Flying By The Seat Of My Pants….


Hitch a ride with C3.....

Finally got the website to show up in IE. How, you ask?  By starting all over again; although really it was quite painless once I determined the right theme.  It’s working for now, but I will be looking for someone who really knows what they are doing to work their Web development magic and make some key changes.  Cruise on over HERE and let me know what you think.  Not sure I want to keep the Flickr connection that I have there.  The pics are not the greatest and are certainly not organized in true über-anal fashion that is a hallmark of whatever I work on.  That is the key- I haven’t done anything over there but upload pictures from social media events.  Sounds like another thing to add to the proverbial “to-do” list.

The sun is up, time to fly away on the social media highway.  Catch ya around the next bend…..

Random Thoughts Dancing Thru My Brain….

Why is it that at times other than this- (this meaning:  scheduled sit-in-front-of-the-computer and erase this white space with  enticing, memorable and deliciously flowing words),  I can make those words flow like water from melting snow without even pausing to take a breath?  Give me a deadline or a scheduled time to have to produce and my mind goes blank.  So how do I overcome this classic writer’s block?  I usually begin to list topics that I would love to write about and in the process of doing this, somehow some enticing, memorable and delicious writing magically appears.  So, here goes (repeat in the sing song chant of “How I spent my summer vacation….”)

Random Thoughts Dancing Thru My Brain…..


Overheard conversation between mothers lamenting the fact that there was not enough H1N1 flu vaccine to go around for children.  One woman stated that she had read that prisoners and death row inmates would have access to the vaccine.  This started a very heated conversation in which the women felt that this was an abomination, and that this particular part of the population should not have the privilege of receiving the vaccine. In fact one woman stated that they (the prisoners) should “bite each other” and spread the germs.  Did I mention that this was overheard on the spectator side for a youth girls’ sports team game??


The beauty of connections and the relationship that time management has with making the right choices.


Using that “something” extra to help navigate through the B.S.

Twitter Lists:

Wondering if this new application is sending us back to Junior High as we publicly share who we like and admire.  No issue with sharing this, but the grouping and naming is what reminds me of the whole Jr. High scene:  cool kids, nerds, freaks, goody-goodies, etc.  Just saying…..

High School Decisions:

This is a tough one, I can only imagine what parents must go through with the whole college decision today.  Good news:  lots of great HS choices in Cincinnati.  Burning question- why does everyone want to know where MY kid is planning on going?????

Hmmn very eclectic group of topics running through my brain.  Guess we will just have to see which one moves the proverbial pen to paper.  Honestly….my bet is that I will take the easy way out and write some poetry.  Carpe Diem!!

Dawn of a New Era

Peace Out!

Ahhh, a brand new Blog with a completely empty page. This is feeling so reminiscent of that wonderful time in my life when I have come to the end of the road of a current journal. Considering I have decade upon decade of journals, that’s a lot of road ends.  So the opportunity exists to transform this very bald, empty shell into something that is full of life.  Let’s see what happens, shall we?

Peace Out!

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