TEDxXavierUniversity 2012


MC Intro for today’s TEDxXavier University Event:

I’m very excited to be here this afternoon for a number of reasons. First, I truly believe in today’s theme of touching the hearts and minds of others through innovation, service and leadership and passionately making a difference in the world. Secondly, it is my sincere privilege to be back on campus as a double Xavier alum and passionate supporter of the University. It was here as a pre-med and psychology undergrad that I first learned the Jesuit ideals of leadership, the pursuit of excellence and commitment to service that would later define my career at Procter & Gamble, my work with community organizations and my path to entrepreneurship with the founding of a local social media marketing consulting firm.

Take a moment to look around at the people sitting to your left and right. You all have the ability to inspire change. We organized this event because we know that YOU are the key to positive change and making a difference. This event is about all of you seated here. You have the ability to touch the hearts and minds of others. We are inspired by you and what WE can collectively accomplish as a result of this event.

 To help share the learning and exchange of ideas today, please use the hashtag #TEDxXavierU while tweeting and for tagging photos on Flickr or video uploads to YouTube. Part of the fun with TED is sharing your ideas in real time and we encourage you to tweet from your smart phones and iPads during the talks.

1 Day

9 Speakers

400 Seeds for Change Planted



Radio interview of me speaking with WNKU reporter Cheri Lawson about the event, which is the first TEDx Event ever to be 100% student-initiated and student-led. Listen to Interview.

I have been so impressed with the leadership team of Lyden Foust, Michael Farwell, Nick Turon and Sean Kallmeyer.  They have bright futures ahead!

Student Leadership Team for TEDxXavierUniversity- 2012
Student Leadership Team for TEDxXavierUniversity- 2012. Photo via Nick Turon on TEDxXavierUniversity Facebook age

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