Should We Be Facebook Friends??

I have been thinking a lot about Facebook strategy as the number of Facebook Friend Add Requests on my personal Profile increase for me.  My strategy for Facebook (Profile) has been crafted as a way for me to communicate freely with the people on my Friend list. I am not on Facebook (Profiles) to connect to people I don’t know or vaguely know. I’m not there to make strategic connections that would enhance my business relationships. I certainly do not want to connect to any of my clients. I have a Facebook Page for these connections.

Many Faces of Michelle Beckham in text images
Who Am I?

My simple goal with my PERSONAL Facebook Profile is to connect with those people who are the absolute closest to me: family, extended family, friends from back in the day who knew me when and can truly say that I haven’t changed a bit, professional colleagues with whom I have bonded/connected and who click with my inner core and have become very good friends.  I want to connect with people who get the true essence of me.  I want to exist in a perpetual state of “letting my hair down” on my Profile.

Part of my personal strategy is compartmentalization. When I am walking in the business world- my talk focuses on the business walk. I don’t mention family. I don’t mention kids.  You won’t find me saying a single thing about family life on Twitter or on my Facebook Page (Business). You won’t know that I have climbed the Great Wall of China, been a Girl Scout Leader or was the Secretary of a large school’s PTO Board. This is neither a wrong strategy nor a right strategy, it’s just my strategy. Believe it or not, I’m one of the most private people on the planet and this works for me.

If you are connected to me on Facebook (Profile), then you will know that I feature and talk about my kids constantly. Some of the colleagues-turned-friends may be annoyed at times, but my goal is to share news with a vast number of family members and relatives who look forward to hearing about these topics.  I am not a Cincinnati native and don’t have legions of relatives living in my neighborhood as so many of my Cincy-born friends do, so perhaps they don’t get the need to broadcast. I had one Cincy native friend actually leave a bible quote as a comment after a post I wrote about something my daughter had achieved- hinting at the sin of pride or something like that.

Everyone has their own strategy for using Facebook. They are all different and I respect each person’s choice.  So next time you get miffed about what you see in your news feed, think about this post and dial the friend down in your news feed settings, or perhaps examine whether you truly should be Facebook Friends after all…..


4 thoughts on “Should We Be Facebook Friends??”

  1. Michelle, I like the perspective you have taken on FB for personal and business use. I would like to discuss it with you sometime in more detail. Thank you for sharing.

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