Got Passion?

Are you in touch with what drives you?

What keeps you up at night? I’m not speaking of the stressors that prevent us from drifting off into sleep because our minds are full of worrisome stuff, rather what are the fantastic ideas that are percolating in your brain bursting to get out?  Those thoughts that come to you in the calm of your day represent the tiny, yet powerful voice you should be listening to.  Within the myriad of possibilities swirling in your head resides your place of passion. Take the time to jot some of those ideas down and put them into motion.

You won’t regret it!


2 thoughts on “Got Passion?”

  1. Great post Michelle. It’a hard to believe people don’t chose to operate from their “point of passion.” That’s what drives me, makes life interesting.

  2. Thanks for reading Chris! I think the key is to have a great sense of self-awareness. When we are in tune with what are strengths are; what motivates us and what makes us truly happy, then the path becomes a bit more clear. Every person’s journey may have obstacles that prevent them from truly living their passion at the moment, but keeping the eye on the goal will certainly help to arrive at this point when the timing is right.

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