Obsessed With Facebook?

I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook.  From a marketing perspective, I find it pure genius to be able to tap so gratuitously  into the social graph and get into the consumer-behavior psyche of users.  But from a highly educated user perspective, I find that what we are freely giving away terrifies me. Love it or hate, we can’t deny that most of the world is obsessed with Facebook.

Here’s a great info-graphic and corresponding video that pictorially shows some of the latest statistics on Facebook usage  put together by www.OnlineSchools.org under a creative commons license.

Feel free to share your obsession confession in the comments section below.

Are We Obsessed with Facebook?



3 thoughts on “Obsessed With Facebook?”

  1. Facebook is too much like an addiction…..I just gotta have my daily doses! I never was so dependent on myspace or various sights in the past. I connect at home, work, hotspots, mobile phone and even at my friends……..Too funny! Something has caught my attention!

  2. Wow, these are some scary stats. I should have add the one about checking Facebook before getting out of bed to my addicted to Facebook list. It’s amazing how many minions Facebook has been able to acquire, resulting in even more people using it as a medium. The question on my mind is how much longer will it last.

    1. I have to say that I sleep with my Droid by my bed and the first thing I do when the Droid alarm goes off, is to check all of my notifications: Facebook, Twitter, Email, Texts, etc. I mentioned this at a recent presentation to female business execs and attorneys and I got a couple of gasps, but hey, my industry is social media, so I enjoy connecting 24/7.

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