Facebook SEO Tip: Linking Pages to Personal Profile Info

Remember when Facebook converted all of the inane information that we inputted when creating our initial Profile years ago and linked it to Facebook Community Pages in early 2010?  Under “Interests”, I had facetiously listed ‘mind-reader’ and of course, my profile became hyper-linked to a Mind Reader Community Page filled with random updates from users mentioning the term.

My place of employment listing which happens to be my own Company was hyper-linked to a C3: Creating Connections Consulting Community Page which captured random posts from my real C3 Page and caused confused people to actually click “Like” on the bogus Page.  When Facebook changed the Profile Layout several months ago and moved to a five block image tray with key info bullet points listed at the top of the Profile Wall, more people were exposed to the links to Community Pages vs. having to hunt for the data in the Info Tab.

Facebook Page Fix

I discovered a fix around this situation so that you can link your REAL Facebook Page or Pages for your Employers, etc. to your profile.  This helps in marketing the Page by providing very prominent direct links to key Pages to all of your Profile friends and you can optimize your Page for Search.

Link Profile to Fan Page

Step 1:  Go to Edit Profile

Step 2:  Go to Education/Work on left side of Profile

Step 3:  Facebook Page Fix #1Choose Employer- start typing  (Fan) Page Name (use full name) – should pop up- if not, then add the name of the Page. Keep trying; it took me several tries, before my real C3 Page came up. This will pull in the Page & Page Image

Facebook Page Fix

Facebook Page Fix

Step 4:  You can add:

  • Location
  • Partners
  • Description- Add key words here to help SEO
  • Projects

Hyperlinked Facebook Page will show up in the Info section above your 5 blocks of pictures and in the detailed Info Tab under Employment.

Check out the REAL C3 Facebook Page and ‘Like‘ us while you are there!



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