Writer’s Block…..

Finally slowed down enough today to realize what is hampering me from posting.  This is going to sound incredibly silly to readers out there, because one would think that I would know better but……  my biggest impediment has been that I have not been accessing my blog remotely.

Perhaps it’s the writer in me that compromises the paper and ink exercise for a seat before the glowing pc screen on a dusky early morning and makes the experience her own Walden Pond.  I have created writing rituals which have left me bereft of speedy content uploads.  I have realized that it’s time to put away the sentimental notion of connecting with my words in a given process and move on with the rest of my digital life by uploading from my mobile phone or creating posts on my laptop while on the road.

Sometimes you have to slow down to capture the simplest of ideas……

I leave you with this inspiring quote from poet and writing mentor, Joe Zarantonello:

As Einstein liked to say, “God doesn’t play dice.” This isn’t some random crapshoot–this is your life. If you’ve forgotten what you are supposed to be doing here, no time like the present to remember! And if you haven’t discovered your purpose yet, keep looking. Don’t give up on the one thing that really matters!

Guess that message applies to me. So let’s raise a toast to increased written productivity!

Carpe Diem!


2 thoughts on “Writer’s Block…..”

  1. Michelle, excellent message for us all. I was so happy to see that someone like Einstein believed as his quote intended. In support here are a couple of bible qoutes. (“No man or woman ever born came without a God given purpose.” II Timothy 1:9) I too believe that God has a plan for all of us and it is not just something random. (“It is the responsibility of each individual to learn his or her God given Purpose.” Romans 12:2) I continue to pray for His guidance because, (“For from Him and through Him and for Him are all things. To Him be glory forver. Amen.” Romans 11:36)

  2. Dewey,
    Thanks for your response to this post. I was just discussing the notion of job/career as passion with a colleague yesterday. As we used to say in Philosophy 101 at XU, ‘in the best of all possible worlds..’ would exist the situation where your life’s work is your passion and you live it to such an extent that it no longer feels like a job, but truly an inherent part of who you are.

    I love Joe’s statement “If you have forgotten what you are supposed to be doing here, there is no time like the present to remember!”
    If we are not living our passion in some area of our life, then what are we really doing??

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