10 Facebook Page Changes Including iFrames

One of my core principles for C3 is to stay on top of the myriad of changes for key social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google products.  Luckily, “Learner” is my top strength according to the Clifton Strengthsfinder Index from the Gallup folks and I enjoy cramming as much into my brain as possible and of course sharing the news.

Recently my three blogs have fallen into a silent, empty reservoir lacking new content or even the stray image.  I have been so incredibly busy working at the business that this part of C3 has been neglected. This post will serve to change the course of my blog by priming the pump and opening the spigot once more…..So glad to be back in the saddle again!

10 Facebook Page Changes (many more to come!!)

C3 Creating Connections Consulting, LLC
C3 Facebook Page

1.      Photos now appear at the top of the Page in five squares similar to Profiles.  Photos will appear in random order and will come from Page Albums and Page Updates (Fan uploads will not be part of the 5 block segment.)
2.      Tabs have moved from the top of the Page to the left-hand side. More can now be displayed and they can easily be shifted as to order.
3.      Admin can toggle between using Facebook as a Page (drop down list of all Pages you admin) or as your personal profile.

4.      Wall Posts: Two filters will exist: to view posts by the Admin or to view top posts by Everyone. Posts will no longer be in chronological order, but will be based on the Facebook Algorithm: Edge Rank.

5.      Pages can now comment as a Page

6.      Page admins can now receive notifications (email and highlighted at top of Page just like profiles)- HALLELUJAH! I still recommend using Hyper Alerts because they package the notifications into a nice report format and you have the ability to set your reporting frequency. Bonus is that you can receive notifications for other Pages that you follow, but don’t admin.

7.      The Page can now feature other Pages or the Admin personal profile.

8.      “Likers” of the Page will see mutual Pages that both “like” as well as see their own friends who have ‘liked’ the Page.

9.      Photo Size- word has it that the profile image will adjust downward by a bit

10.   While FBML will continue for this year and be supported, Facebook is moving to iFrames for any applications or custom tabs created after 3/11/11.  I predict that there will be a scramble to find companies that can create or program in iFrames for Facebook.  Don’t worry, C3 will have you covered!

Video Version:

If you are interested in learning how to use iFrames or are in need of custom work,  please contact us and we will get you set up.


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