Adjusting Facebook Privacy Settings For Photos

Rapid changes to social networking platforms have occurred recently that can leave your personal brand a bit naked on the web.  Today’s post focuses on Facebook Privacy Settings and the steps you can take to apply a “digital fig leaf” (thanks Don Sceifers!) to your online brand.  Facebook rolled out some changes in December 2010 that capitalize on the prodigious use of photo-sharing and the interconnections of each person’s social graph.

Facebook users upload thousands of photos/month which are affected by these new releases:

The new profile layout for personal pages includes a series of five photos across the top of the page below your name and any personal information you have shared (city, schools, birthday, etc.). While many have seen the new profile in action as the release continues to roll out, what you might not realize is that the pictures selected are the last five tagged pictures of you.  So in other words, one of the first things that people will see, are five pictures that are connected to you that you may not have even uploaded.

Michelle Beckham of C3:Creating Connections Consulting
Michelle Beckham of C3:Creating Connections Consulting

Facebook is employing facial recognition software to suggest tags (individual names) for people present in uploaded photos. This becomes a feature automatically for all users as the roll out progresses and you must opt-out of the service to prevent friends from using this feature on photos of or about you.

What you can do to edit privacy settings for each of the new releases:

  • Go into Account Settings
Facebook Privacy Settings
Facebook Privacy Settings
  • Choose ‘Customize Settings Option
  • Go To ‘Photos & Videos I’m Tagged In’ and Edit Accordingly
  • Choices include: Only Me, Friends, Friends of Friends, Custom Edit by Individual
Facebook Privacy Settings Photos & VideosFacebook Privacy Settings Photos & Videos
Auto-tagging with Facebook Facial Recognition Features
Auto-tagging with Facebook Facial Recognition Features
  • Next go to ‘Suggest Photos of Me to Friends’ and disable if live on your profile to stop the facial recognition tagging feature
Hope these steps make a difference in decreasing or increasing your level of nakedness on the Web! Remember, we are all brands:  don’t let your brand become tarnished due to lack of knowledge.

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