Internet Deaths

Quick Post on Newsweek’s great photo-journal piece titled “What the Internet Killed”.  Read the full post here– you won’t regret it!  Made me realize how entrenched into the digital space I truly am as I completely forgot about the existence of a couple of the items mentioned.  Thanks to Matthew Dooley for posting the Newsweek link on Twitter.

Here are the 14 things that have died due to the advent of the Internet according to Newsweek with my own personal comments/observations along side.

  • The 9-5 Work Day- I personally live in a 24/7 world with a speedbump sleep of 5 hrs/night
  • DVD rentals- Ok I remember beta...
  • Concentration- I rock at multi-tasking
  • Civility- this is a good one due to the rise of the nasty anonymous internet troll
  • CDs- they are taking up space in my family room
  • The Telephone Book- what’s that??-
  • Letter writing- explains why I am not motivated to do Christmas cards this year
  • Vacations- come on who actually unplugs these days?
  • Privacy-one of my pet peeves
  • Facts-Data never lies, but liars use data- go figure
  • Polaroids & Other Film- my old pics are fading in the albums
  • Reference Books- remember the public library??
  • The Yearbook
  • The Peep Show- people are still peeping, but now it’s in private- can you say “Chat-roulette??”


I would add college and high school reunions to the list as it seems Facebook is making the need to see what classmates have been up to in person obsolete.

Do you have any others you would add to the list?


2 thoughts on “Internet Deaths”

  1. Dan,
    Thanks for sharing the video. I believe it depends upon the individual’s capability and the tasks that are being done simultaneously. Certainly not an apple to apple scenario.

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