Merry Christmas Revolution

Gift wrapped in QR code paper.
Gift wrapped in QR code paper.

At a loss for words…..yes you heard correctly. This passionate, Type-A, extremely extroverted and talkative overachiever is actually suffering from ‘zero word syndrome’.

This syndrome can strike at any time and used to be referred to in writing school as being ‘blocked’. Case in point: I have written an annual family Christmas letter for years, adding photos, graphics and links to the typed content and spewing forth the most cotton-candied, sugar plummed description of our yearly activities that anyone would want to see.  I sat down with my PC last night, found a killer Christmas template on the Microsoft free downloads site and started to type

Merry Christmas

…..that’s as far as I got.

I became stuck on what to write.  Of the endless news-bytes from our life, what could I possibly share that had not already received the light of day on one of my 4 Blogs, 2 Twitter Accounts, 2 Facebook Pages, Web-site, Google Profile or a few others I won’t mention?

So I sat stuck for a long time, intermittently bouncing between Tweetdeck and a really cool conversation with a local high school English teacher, and my Facebook news feed.  I finally came to the conclusion, that there just wasn’t much to say that hadn’t already been said and I was about to bring an era of newsletter writing to an end.

But then I came across a video challenge that a friend posted on her company’s Facebook Business Page Wall meant to inspire others to incorporate video into their branded business image online. I also remembered a buried email from video site Animoto about a new holiday release product. A bolt of lightning struck and I realized that I could still send my holiday greeting, but in a video format.

Welcome to 2010, where my paper newsletter folded neatly into my highly decorated Christmas card will contain only one line:  a URL leading to the 2010 Family Holiday Video!  I will be sure to share it with you!  And thanks Vickie Sceifers with VS Productions for inspiring me to action!

p.s.- check out the falling snow on my Blog wall- just set in when the temps hit freezing- very smart app!!


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