New Media Cincinnati: Where Everyone Knows Your Name

Imagine being at a point in time where a revolution is occurring around you. Perhaps you were an early entrant in the community; one of the early adopters of digital technology. Maybe you happened to work for a company or agency that had the proverbial crystal ball on the Web 2.0  Tsunami that was coming. Or maybe you were a person who heard the chatter and wanted to increase your knowledge for personal use.  Add in an evangelist with knowledge, passion and guts to dare differently who extended invitations to people from all points above to come together to share and to learn. Imagining that scenario would put you at ground zero of the digital community: New Media Cincinnati.

New Media Cincinnati

That evangelist would be Daniel Johnosn, Jr.. Every month for the past three years, Dan has organized and extended invitations to people all across Cincinnati from various walks of life to come share and learn with each other.  From these monthly meetings, great friendships have been born; clients and service providers have connected and companies incorporating digital/social media have been launched.

The best way to describe attending an NMC meeting is to conjure up the image of the ‘80s t.v. show Cheers. NMC at the Pub is the place to go because everyone knows your name (especially if they check the Eventbrite list for the Twitter handles and follow prior to coming!!). Seriously though, it is a place to come to be among friends.  There is no competition, no snarkiness, no prima donnas- just a place to share what you know and ask questions without feeling like you’re a misplaced Web 1.0 jockey.

To celebrate the work of the community and to stage the group for the next decade, the first ever New Media Cincinnati Digital Awards were created. The idea was sparked by member, Steve Platt. To my knowledge, the 2010 New Media Cincinnati Digital Awards are the first of its kind for the Cincinnati area, and perhaps the Tri-State region.The New Media Cincinnati Digital Awards were created to recognize and encourage those who have done great work, not only in the New Media Cincinnati community, but also in the Greater Cincinnati area. Nominations came from the community and were voted upon by the community.

Here are the winners for 2010:

NMC Digital Native Award

Exemplary dedication to the practice and promotion of digital literacy and community building in the Greater Cincinnati area over the past year.

Mike Boehmer accepting NMC Award from Steve Platt

NMC Digital Giving First Award

Outstanding support toward members and potential members of the New Media Cincinnati community by sharing expertise and raising awareness through education and example both within meetings and during after-hours over the past year.

Michelle Beckham accepting NMC Award from Steve Platt

NMC Digital Go the Distance Dedication Award

Sincere dedication to attend New Media Cincinnati events. Person who has dedicated his or her time, energy, and resources to consistently travel a great distance to listen, learn, and contribute to New Media Cincinnati.

Daniel Johnson, Jr., NMC Digital Award Winner

You can read more about the awards and see the full list of people who were nominated for each at the NMC website here.

This event went beyond honoring the great digital work happening in our community and extended to a food drive to assist Hope World Wide.  The community collected over 4 boxes of food that will each fully feed a local Cincinnati family in need for a week. Andy Erikson, Director of HopeWW spoke to the group about the huge problem of poverty here in our own city. You can read more about Hope WW here.

Donations of money & food added up to 4+ boxes to feed Cincy families in need.

Want to be part of a place where everyone knows your name?

Join us in 2011!

New Media Cincinnati 2nd Saturday
New Media Cincinnati 2nd Saturday
New Media Cincinnati 2nd Saturday

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