Experiencing Ignite Cincinnati for the First Time

Photo via http://www.ignitecincinnati.net/

I experienced my first Ignite Cincinnati last night and it was an amazing event held at the historic 20th Century Theater in Oakley, a suburb of Cincinnati.  Ignite is a very cool concept where people share information on a chosen subject or passion and deliver a five minute presentation with 20 slides or less in 5 minutes with the slide deck on auto-pilot and advancing every 15 seconds.  No notes, just the presenter and the slides.

380 people showed up to watch 16 presenters show slide decks representing their passion.  For some, like  Brad Thomas, it was the Cincinnati Street Car, while Cincinnati Enquirer columnist, Laura Baverman, spoke about her life-changing work with kids and the Cincinnati Youth Collaborative. Others shared passion for ideas that became businesses like Chris Frutkin’s Green Heat concept for OTR.  Comic Jordan Cooper kept the crowd laughing with his piece on “How to Handle a Heckler”.

There was plenty of time for networking, an open bar, and an after-party.  It was very cool to see so many friends from different realms of my life all converged in the same place under the same set of old time chandeliers. Good friend, Julie Sweeney arrived early to snag a primo table for our group of social media “bad girls” including Anne Castleberry and Debba Haupert of Girlfriendology.

Michelle Beckham & Julie Sweeney taken by Anne Castleberry

I will definitely be back in February for Ignite Cincinnati #5, and who knows, maybe it will be me up there on stage under the lights….

Until then, here is the #1 Ignite Video of all times: “How the Hell Did Matt Get People to Dance With Him?” by Matt Harding. I had seen some of the dancing videos, but never knew the story of how it all began.  Take a look and then check out one of Matt’s Dancing Youtubes below.


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