If Not Today, Then When? Passion & Career Co-existing

Burning Candle

Remember the dream you had long ago; the one that was set aside because life got in the way? Perhaps it has remained a spark burning within the deep recesses of your soul. Every once in a while you may capture a glimpse of it before the light returns to a flicker.  Why not expose that spark and fan it into reality? Why not put your feet onto the path that is your life purpose? If not today, then when?

News headlines blatantly tell us that tomorrow is not guaranteed.  There is only now, this very minute. What have you got to lose?

I attended the “Imagine…then do it!” event put on by my friend and business collaborator, Julie Shiffman of Act Three today.  Julie brought together nearly 250 women to hear the stories of successful women who followed their dreams and passions to make a difference in the world.  Listening to the amazing speakers:

  • Shevaun Voisin, publisher of the international business magazine, Motivated
  • Patty Brisben, CEO and Founder of Pure Romance & The Patty Brisben Foundation
  • Heather Ingle, Mother of 14 children, 11 adopted with special needs
  • Arna Poupko Fisher, Internationally noted lecturer and educator

I was struck by the singular voice that emanated from these women with diverse stories admonishing us to say YES to the opportunities that unfold along our path. Sometimes the tiny voice in our head becomes our worst opponent; the voice that says: ‘not now’, ‘too old’, ‘too young’ ‘too difficult’.

Years ago I was contemplating my next career move and had the opportunity to work with a career coach, Sunitha Narayanan who helped me discern my passion and path.  She had me complete a simple exercise that became the basis for my career/life marketing plan. I emphasize career/life, because I truly believe with all of my heart that if you are deeply passionate about your work, there is no line between the two. Yes, there is balance, but when you are in total zen with your purpose and passion and you get the opportunity to carve a career within the intersection of both, then there is no Monday, no weekend.  There is just life.

Today, I have modeled my career and company on the things that I am most passionate about:  building business, developing people and raising awareness around branding via Web 2.0 tools and social media.  I can’t wait to get up each morning to start the conversation that will lead to making a difference in the world!

I wanted to share some of the basic tenets of the career/life marketing plan to help you on the journey towards your life purpose and a fulfilling career.

  • Spend some time discovering your personal brand
  • Determine your unique value and key strengths
  • List work environments that energize you
  • List work that motivates and drives you
  • Determine your non-negotiables: those things that are deal breakers for you
  • List your areas of interest- look for the intersections
  • List job aspects or pieces of work that you detest

Spend some time with your results.  Find a good friend or two to share your findings. Establish a plan and find a mentor that can help guide you to the next step.  And network, network, network!

If not today, then when will you begin to truly live your life?


I am looking at establishing a mentor/mentee program for women. If you have any interest on either side of the equation, please send me your name & contact information.  You can reach me:  Michelle@CreatingConnectionsConsulting.com

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