Change the Conversation: Change the World

Authentic Leadership Cincinnati
Authentic Leadership Cincinnati

Authentic Leadership Cincinnati is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization focused on character-based leadership and is driven by a motivation to positively impact people and results. The group’s mission is to develop, support, encourage and promote Authentic Leadership to help positively impact people and business results in Cincinnati and beyond. Founder and Board President, Erin Schreyer started ALC as a group on LinkedIn to share insight and dialogue and to hold bi-monthly meetings and seminars in the community.  Launched in August of 2009, the group now has 528 members.

Authentic Leadership Cincinnati is proud to present best-selling author and speaker, Peter Block at our next event to discuss Community and the Structure of Belonging.  Mr. Block’s seminar will be held on Thursday, November 4th at Receptions in Loveland from 7:30 a.m.-9:00 a.m.  Cost is $20 and includes breakfast. Registration required at:

Those who are familiar with Peter Block’s work know that it a real treat to be able to participate in one of his seminars. The ALC event will be interactive in nature as we discuss and experience community. Cincinnatian Randy Weeks is living and leading Peter’s work in the world and shares his thoughts on Peter Block and Leadership:

When Peter Block talks about leadership, it doesn’t sound much like the usual leadership presentation. He talks about leadership and the change from Hero to Host.  He talks about the power of leaders convening vs. commanding.

What’s important, he says, ‘is not leadership qualities and style but the capacity to convene a conversation and connect employees with each other.’ The work is to move our attention from the usual leader-follower model, because that model doesn’t produce anything new in the world.

And that work of leadership, he says, can change the existing context in communities and organizations from a focus on problem solving, entitlement, deficiencies and holding people accountable to one of possibility, generosity, gifts and chosen accountability. The way the context is changed is through small group conversations that have the power to create an alternative future.

The power of the small group conversation is based on questions instead of answers. Peter’s work is about convening a new conversation and inviting us into that practice and shift in focus.

Because when we change our conversation, we change the world.”

Won’t you join us on November 4th as we shift our conversations, build community and change the world?

(Questions:  Contact Michelle Beckham-Corbin, ALC Board Member, at 513-445-2180)


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