C3 Facebook Fanlight On George Williams IV

The C3 October FANLIGHT Focus On:

Loki, aka George E. Williams IV

George "Loki" Williams IV

Contact info: SocialGumbo.com | @socialgumbo | Google Profile (http://www.google.com/profiles/george.williams.iv#about )

C3 is happy to shine some fanlight on C3 Facebook Page Fan, George “Loki” Williams.  Loki and I met virtually on Twitter (@socialgumbo) about 18 months ago, moved our conversations to Facebook and one late night, web-cammed into the wee hours on Skype talking about common family history and the state of social media.  He has become more than a business colleague, fellow blogger and C3 Fan; he has entered the realm of “family” for me.

Raised in a French Creole family that had been in New Orleans since Bienville came over on the first boat, Loki was raised in an environment steeped in the delights of food and music. When that environment was put in jeopardy by the failure of the federally constructed levees, his passions expanded to fighting the constant misinformation being propagated by the mainstream media during the Hurricane Katrina disaster. Thus began his love affair with blogging and social media. In the five years since he has entered the field as a pro, he has worked for organizations ranging from the National Association of Broadcasters to the Soros funded Open Society Institute (where he was part of the team when they took the Webby for Best Non Profit website).

Now relocated to Cincinnati with his wife and four cats, he lives in Northside, Cincinnati. His company, SocialGumbo, LLC currently does work for SixEstate (for whom he also does a weekly social media column), Humane Exposures Publishing, and others. He also remains involved in the home of his birth as a board member for The Rising Tide Conference.

C3 asked Loki to share his favorite viral Youtube video:

Three years later, and not as viral as I wish it had been, my favorite is still this:

Loki’s favorite social media application:

I must confess that while I adore the immediacy of platforms like Twitter and Facebook my favorite is one of the oldest social platforms online: Flickr, the social photo sharing service. I admin over thirty communities on Flickr ranging from New Orleans Carnival and Katrina pics to RPG groups. I know there is photo sharing on other platforms, but it is the texture of the community on Flickr that I think I love the most. After all, a JPG is worth a thousand TXTs!


Loki & Michelle sharing NOLA ties.



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