Experiencing The Social Network Movie with Facebook Friends

I spent Friday evening with some good friends from the Cincinnati Social Media Community. We met at trendy Habeneros for an early evening repast of burritos and margaritas prior to walking down Ludlow Avenue to the historic Esquire Theater. The air felt cool and crisp and the leaves along the tree-lined street were beginning to show their colorful hand. Sidewalk musicians shared their soul with us as we took in the haunting melodies mixing with conversation and laughter around us.

Despite the breath-taking surroundings, we were on a mission. I finished my drink quickly and massaged away the brain freeze so that we could set out to see the premier of The Social Network, commonly referred to as the “Facebook Movie”. The movie chronicles the life of Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of Facebook as he creates the beginnings of the social networking behemoth from his dorm room at Harvard and continues with some personal and legal complications that erupt into a series of law-suits. The movie was NOT endorsed by Zuckerberg.

In true social media fashion PR guy, Dan O’Keeffe created an event that included a screening of the movie followed by a social media panel discussion.  I happened to get a link on Facebook to the information as it was listed on the LinkedIn group discussion page for social media networking group CincySM and thought it would be a great thing to participate in with my friends. Dan hosted the panel that included digital media friends and colleagues Kevin Dugan and Krista Neher. They did a nice job addressing Dan’s questions as well as questions from the theater audience.

Discussion broke out on LinkedIn prior to the movie and following the event on Twitter and on my C3 Facebook Business Page. Here are my thoughts surrounding the movie as posted before and after the event:

On LinkedIn;

Btw, great review in today’s Enquirer for the movie. Can’t wait to delve into the complexities and determine on my own how I view Zuckerberg (at least based on this “fictional” portrayal). As a marketer and social scientist (dual Psychology & MBA degrees), I am all for data-mining and understanding the intricate relationships that exist between friends, family and acquaintances. As Erik Qualman, in his book Socialnomics ( http://socialnomics.net/the-book/ ), states, “we’ve gone beyond word of mouth to world of mouth” and that is powerful stuff; especially given consumer behavior and purchasing power.

On the flip side, the privacy issues raised give me deep concern…..

Can’t wait for the discussion!”

On Facebook in a series of separate posts:

“…to experience it (the movie) with friends who “get” social media was even better. I would have loved to delve into what makes Zuckerberg tick some more, as this obviously played into his creation. I’m still really struck by the movie portraying him… as having no interest in Facebook as a profit center…..and now it’s valued in the billions…

I thought it was sad to see the movie fade into its ending with Mark constantly hitting refresh on FB to see if his Friend request was accepted. I think he was truly clueless as to the damage he had inflicted upon that relationship.

There are many people who lack the social skills necessary to effectively communicate with others, as evidenced by the opening dialogue with his girlfriend in the bar.

My worry is for the millennials who communicate pretty exclusively through texting. They are growing up lacking in the analysis of body language and tone of voice. The written word can have so many meanings that are left to be deciphered……”

I enjoyed the movie, not from a cinematography perspective, but from a sociological/behavioral perspective.  It seems like all Zuckerberg truly wanted was to belong and to fit in, unfortunately he didn’t seem to have the innate tools to help him navigate through human relationships.  I found it odd that his only good friend, Eduardo, continued to stick by him despite the “punishment” Mark would dish out. Eduardo was portrayed as the good guy, standing by Mark despite all that goes on in the early years which makes me a little suspicious.  Wonder if he was involved with the creation of the movie in any way….

The following day I ran into a good friend, who is a liaison between my former company, P&G and the global internet companies like Google, Facebook and Yahoo. He shared with me that he has met Mark Zuckerberg several times and  the description of his personality as portrayed in the movie seemed quite accurate. I certainly would love the chance to pull the fiction away from the facts,  as his story fascinates me on so many levels….

Do you plan on seeing the film? Why or Why not?


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