Facebook Founder Finds $100 Million Will Save His Soul

I admire people who speak their mind. You can count on them to know where you stand. That’s why this tweet from 1938Media culled from my scrolling Tweetdeck column really stopped me in my tracks:

Zuckerberg tries to buy his soul back”.

Being very curious about Mark Zuckerberg, uber-20-something privacy hater and founder of Facebook, I was intrigued to see just what 1938Media was referring to. Thought it might be in reference to the upcoming movie, The Social Network, commonly referred to as the Facebook Movie (10/1/10 release). The movie is based on the book The Accidental Billionaires by Ben Mezrich and details Mark Zuckerberg’s rise from Harvard undergrad and Facebook creator to billionaire business mogul.

Clicking on the link included in the tweet got me to a stark and pointed video from Loren Feldman with 1938Media. In the video (see below), Feldman shares the news that Mark Zuckerberg has donated $100 million to a New Jersey school district prior to the release of the movie about his life.  This would be wonderful news for the many local Cincinnati school districts who have watched tax levies fail over and over recently.

The movie doesn’t paint Zuckerberg in the best light and some may see this donation as a way to off-set some of the negative publicity that will follow the movie’s release.  Feldman directly tells us, that in his opinion, the donation is a PR fail and calls Zuckerberg out for being a “douche”.

<>Who will save your soul??<>

No matter what you think of Zuckerberg, or the Facebook privacy issues that have been raised, one must admit that Facebook has definitely changed the way we communicate between and across generations. And let’s face it, $100 million is not chump change, especially given the dismal educational stats that are making the news today. (Drop from 1970 when the US was tops in education among industrialized nations to a ranking in the middle 20’s just 40 years later.)  That is incredibly sad…..

Will you see The Social Network on the big screen? Why or why not?

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