Banishing Social Media From My Life

I tried to ban social media from my life for one day last week.  It was an interesting exercise in awareness.  While I did have more “free time” to engage in other activities and become more aware of the concrete world around me, I still missed my connection to all things digital.

I realized that I have come to depend upon social media for a variety of tasks beyond transmission of my thoughts & ideas.  I use Twitter as a great source for tech news and trending subjects on a daily basis.  I grab articles of interest from my Facebook Newsfeed if they happen to hit in the space it takes to scroll down once.  I find it much quicker to send a DM Tweet (direct message) to someone I need to hear from quickly, rather than to text or call and get their voicemail.

I am also a lurker; a voyeur of sorts and I like to hang out on certain Facebook Pages that have incredible content and spirited discussions.  I can even occasionally be found contributing to discussions on various LinkedIn Group boards like Authentic Leadership Cincinnati and Cincinnati Social Media.

I begin each day with a virtual rooster crowing me awake from my bedside mobile phone. I upload my daily appointments and meetings on Google Calendar with access from my Droid and I tend to document photos of the weird and unusual in my world via instant upload to Twitpic and Twitter with some of the best transported to my Flickr stream. And yes, I check-in…..occasionally.

So did you take last week’s challenge?  How did it go?


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