List of Top U.S. Colleges Trending on Google for Good Reason

Purdue University

I often check Google trends or trending topics on Twitter just to keep up with news that might have bypassed me during a busy day.  I don’t watch the evening news, national or local, and couldn’t tell you who took Dan Rather’s chair or when the passing of the torch occurred. Before web 2.0 exploded, I was more apt to cruise CNN Headline News on my TV. to see what was currently happening and later moved to those cute little email news alerts that were very helpful during winter seasons to keep tabs on business and school closings. Now Twitter is my main news source and Facebook News Feed gives me a fairly good mix of stories based on the discriminating tastes of my Friends and the algorithmic decisions of Facebook.

At this very minute US News & World Report College Ranking 2011 is trending as the results were just released.  This report lists the top universities and colleges in the U.S from a pool of 1,800 schools in terms of best value and best quality of education.  In today’s economy where available positions are scarce and many members of the class of 2009 AND 2010 have yet to land their first professional job, parents will be pouring over the pages of this report. College costs have skyrocketed, and parents don’t want to make a costly mistake and add an extra year or more on to their child’s education due to choosing the wrong school or wrong major.

Fortunately there are local resources in Cincinnati that can assist families in navigating the waters of college selection and choosing an academic major. Educational Consultant Jeanne Feldkamp, owner of Achieve! helps local high school students and their families through the college preparation and selection process.  Feldkamp uses the Performance Max system created by the Devine Group. Performance Max focuses on self-awareness and personal development for each teen and identifies areas of academic study that match kids’ behavioral strengths and abilities. Performance Max provides tools that will help in exploring career opportunities for any given major.

Times have certainly changed with the addition of digital media options and wide-spread use by the millennial generation. Today, college kids can check their cell phones for a text from the dorm laundry room letting them know that their “tighty-whiteys” are dry or when a pc in the library is available, so it makes sense to have an on-line system that can assist them in getting to the right laundry room, right dorm, right major and right college that will give them the best start on their future career. Pair that knowledge with a dedicated educational coach who can walk you through the college process and you have a winning combination of assistance to help with one of the largest financial investments you will ever make.

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