Privacy vs. Transparency

Image from C3:Creating Connections Consulting, LLC

I still get an eerie feeling when people that I don’t know approach me as if they know everything about me. I realize that by now, this shouldn’t freak me out. I have a pretty extensive on-line presence and intellectually I “get” that this comes with the territory, but the über-private side of me still gets spooked. Did you choke on the term über-private? Thought so. Yes this is a complete contradiction, a dichotomy of sorts for a ticket carrying passenger on the social media highway to even whisper the word p-r-i-v-a-c-y. But I like to draw a line between my business persona and my private life persona. I could be limiting myself and preventing others from having a richer experience of what I bring to the table, but I feel strongly for a variety of reasons to have that invisible line traced sharply in the sand.

I talked to someone at an event recently who gave me the “I know everything about you” look. I approached the person asking if we had met before, as they looked vaguely familiar. Turns out we had both attended the same meeting the previous week and had just happened to walk by each other extending casual ‘hellos’.  Somehow the person knew who I was and where I lived as they recounted my possible mayorships on foursquare.

I even get surprised when people tell me that they have liked a particular article or blog post that I have written. Writing is a solitary endeavor: it’s me and my pen or keyboard or tiny little keys on the Qwerty of my Droid Original. I am alone with the sounds of the night cloaking me in near darkness or the morning sounds of commuting cars, chirping birds and buzzing cicadas.  My words are birthed from the essence that is me and I momentarily forget that once they are launched into cyberspace, they become visible to the world to take in, digest and comment back. Connection occurs through the act of communication, and so if you truly want to know me fully, then let’s create some connections over coffee. Hey that would be a great name for a company, Creating Connections Consulting……

Here’s a little lagniappe for you.


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