Deep Thought and Texting Can Co-exist

The Thinker
The Thinker

I am a deep thinker. I ponder possibilities and study behavior as if the world were my laboratory. The movie Inception with Leonardo DiCaprio really got my cerebrum churning.  The movie was created on such a deep and complex level, that I truly believe one needs to see it at least twice.  The rich complexity and thought-provoking questions that the film raised are perfect starting points for a spirited discussion.  Pre-web 2.0, the best option would have been to meet in person, perhaps at a local coffee shop or quiet night cap spot to discuss each facet of the movie. Second choice would have been to hold the discussion over the phone.

Today there are so many options in which to share opinions about the movie or any other topic: IMs, Blogs, Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Email (although the time lapse would ruin it for me), Texting, etc. This increased ability to connect with anyone in the world and at any time, opens up opportunities that simply didn’t exist before.

I happened to have an amazing conversation about the movie and the integral themes of dreams, reality and freedom all on my smart phone via text with an old friend. Don’t automatically assume that our texts consisted of abbreviated chat language, because they certainly did not. It was a rich and dynamic discussion in real time between two people hundreds of miles away. The beauty of this is that we could have been complete continents away and it wouldn’t have mattered. The message was the same. Sure it’s always better to be face-to-face or at least ear-to-ear, but for those times that you can’t be, digital media is a great assist.

Here’s a peak at a small portion of our texting:

Him: The ambiguous nature of the ending really drives home the theme of the fragility of our mind’s perception of reality. Check out Haruki Murakami and James Joyce.

Me: Perception is such a key part to our reality, and we can powerfully make ourselves believe anything; sometimes as a matter of emotional survival.

Him: I love that throughout the movie, his wife was the personification of his guilt and doubt.

Me: I loved that he finally recognized in the end that his guilt was feeding her existence in the dream world and that he could let go because he had in fact kept the promise of growing old together

Me: Free is a figment of the collective imagination.

Him: Philosophically, yes, but if a man imagines himself free, then his imagination achieves freedom.

Me: I totally disagree. In your example he would merely be dreaming.

Him: You underestimate the power of the imagination.

Me: Hardly.  In this example, man would be dreaming because reality would be flowing around him IMHO.

Him: The reality flowing around him would be the reality of others. Reality only exists as it does if we give it our imagination.

Me: Ahhh, interesting point…..

Note: Just don’t text & drive…..

Copyright Michelle Beckham-Corbin 2010 ~ All Rights Reserved


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