Old Spice Guy Smelling Great & Going Viral

Image via AP Photos

My former company, Cincinnati-based Procter & Gamble, has taken social media to new heights with their Old Spice Guy campaign. They have an eye-catching interactive web-site that highlights some creatively unique commercials as they move to re-brand a revered 70+ year old product. One set of ads features the Old Spice Guy, shirtless, wrapped in a towel and standing just outside of the shower area of a bathroom delivering personalized messages from fans and followers of the Old Spice Facebook Page, Twitter Account and Old Spice Blog.

Here is the latest commercial to go viral in which Old Spice Guy proposes on behalf of a fan to his girl friend who apparently later said “yes!” Read more about this event via Mashable and see the fan’s original tweet here.

The Old Spice Website landing page does a great job to capture the reader’s attention and keep them hooked with some on-line interaction and various calls to action. They have separate tabs and main page sections for the following:

The ability to have the Brand Voice (Old Spice Guy) interact directly with customers via personalized messages gleaned from social media sites is brilliant and leads to an increase in viral sharing on those same sites.

The message is clear that Old Spice is NOT your grandfather’s brand anymore. Would love to know your thoughts.

Cross-posted at Cincinnati Social Media Examiner.

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