Droid X Review From a Non-Tech User

Non techie reasons why I am in love with the Droid X.

Droid X Starter Guide

The Body:

As I mentioned in a previous post, I love the sleeker, less bulky feel of the new Droid and the larger screen is amazing for viewing videos as well as having an enhanced view of web pages. The back of the Droid X has a rise near the top that makes it very easy to grip in your hand.

The bottom of the front plate holds the same 4 keys (Menu, Home, Return, Search) that the original Motorola Droid has but they are in a different order. The silver power on/off button is centered (original is on the far right) and a bit more fluid to use as I have to press down fairly hard on my original Droid to power off.

Droid X

The Multiple Screens:

X has the same sliding lock/unlock function on the touch screen which opens to seven separate screens vs. three in the original Droid.  Short-cuts/widgets/apps can be added to home screen with a touch and hold into an empty spot on the screen. My Droid X came pre-installed with the following screens that you can navigate through easily with slider buttons on the bottom of the screen:

  • Screen 1 (from far left): pre-installed spaces for two separate social networks
  • Screen 2: network settings, weather update, icons for 3GMobile, Maps, & My Account (accesses Phone/Back-Up Assistant, YouTube, Google Account and any other account you might be using on the system
  • Screen 3: Google Search Bar with voice search, Calendar with upcoming meeting reminder, message window, icons for Gmail, Skype Mobile, Back-Up Assistant, and Messaging
  • Screen 4: Home Screen: icons for text message, browser, market, voicemail
  • Screen 5: Actual contacts with photo icon and link to full data for each, icons for voice dial, recent calls, contact search and favorites
  • Screen 6: Multi-media center with playlist selection at top of screen and links to the 8 megapixel camera (with incredibly sharp images), media share icon, Blockbuster, camcorder and gallery. The Droid X has 3 speakers which serve to enhance the sound from music and videos
  • Screen 7: RSS feed for news and another feed titled ‘Tips & Tricks’

The phone, launcher & contacts icons remain constant across the bottom of each page screen. There seems to be a bit of redundancy on first glance, but once I become more active with the pages will be able to determine if the repeating icons are necessary.

Back of Droid X- photo credit Michelle Beckham

Camcorder, Speakers, Backgrounds:

The phone is incredibly easy to navigate through. I am loving the camcorder capabilities and the strong video light (up to 30 minutes of video) that was lacking in the original Droid.  Haven’t figured out the purpose behind the geo-tagging of the photos yet, but I can see how that would be useful for vacation purposes. The sound is loud enough to hear music quite well through the speakers assuming you are not situated in a noisy location, but the FM radio addition requires the use of head-phones. The battery is long-lasting and re-charges quickly.

One funky addition is the ability to add some unique “live” screen backgrounds that can move to the beat of music. My favorite is a beautiful pond with colorful flowers and leaves floating on top that creates ripples in the water when you touch or tap the screen.

Upcoming Post Covers Testing On:

  • Portable WiFi hot spot capabilities for up to 5 devices for an additional monthly charge
  • Blockbuster video connection.

See previous post on Droid X specs here.


3 thoughts on “Droid X Review From a Non-Tech User”

  1. Thanks, Michelle. Now you have me waiting for installment 3, Seven screens! WOW!

    My husband said that he heard some negative reviews on Thursday. Have you heard anything? Maybe he just doesn’t want me running out to trade in my old Droid!

    1. Love it-only wish I didn’t have to give it back. My Droid (original) is only 8 months old, so doesn’t make sense to buy X at this time.

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