When Facebook Page Admins Pull the Plug…

Beware of brewing Facebook storms....

Facebook Pages, known as Fan Pages have become an integral part of many companies’ strategic marketing plans.  What happens when the person or firm hired to create and run the page wants to dissociate themselves from the account? What if the page creator/administrator has deeper and darker motivations for the future or lack thereof for the page?  Facebook recently changed its policy on admin capabilities, assigning page deletion power to all administrators associated with the page instead of just the page creator admin.  This can have serious consequences for a business. Read more about this here.

Let’s take a look at the example of a popular Facebook Fan Page that disappeared over night after the Page Creator pulled the plug on this thriving site. The Facebook page was the Creoles (French Creoles with Ties to Louisiana) Fan Page.  The page had nearly 11,000 fans from around the world as of June, 2010 after being in existence for only 13 months. The Creoles page was run by two college students from different parts of Texas who turned a passion for Creole culture and family history into a highly successful page with an actively engaged fan base that made the page a destination point for information, discussion and genealogical inquiries.

Creoles (French Creoles With Ties To Louisiana)

The Creole Fan Page had spawned a community of people united around Creole history and culture.  The page helped to launch several books written by members, a Blog Talk Radio show, and helped to highlight Creole musicians and issues around the country.  It was a page that people checked regularly, rather than through the updates in the scrolling Facebook News Feed.  In an instant, the 11,000 fans, the hordes of albums cataloging founding French families in Louisiana, the scholarly discussions/debates, links and posts were all gone.

Page Deletion Explanation via Facebook Page Wall

Today the group is trying to rebuild, but as of this writing  the Creoles Page has only been able to regain 460+ fans, a mere shadow of its former self.

If your company, brand or group has built up a huge and valuable presence on Facebook, what are you doing to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you?


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