WOMM Leads to Toy Story 3

Quick plug for WOMM: word of mouth marketing. Have been vaguely aware that Toy Story 3 was coming out this summer, but it was not really on my radar as a ‘must see’ movie.  I saw TS1 and TS2 when they came out, but was at a different stage in my life for each of these.  TS1 debuted in 1995 and I was curious to see the first computer-animated Disney film that wasn’t one of the classic “cartoon” movies like Snow White and Cinderella.  I, like many of my generation, grew up watching The Wonderful World of Disney on t.v. on Sunday evenings and a trip to Disney Land and later Disney World was always a major highlight for the year. So Disney was a big Brand to us. By the time TS2 rolled around four years later in 1999, I had a 3 and a 5 year old who gave me even more of a reason to see the sequel.

Now a decade later, the kids are older and I have seen a host of animated flicks over the ensuing years, so I didn’t feel any great pull towards seeing Toy Story 3.  That is until the early adopters hit the theaters on opening night (48 hrs ago) and began to report back on their experiences.  I saw posts on Facebook and Twitter and heard terms like “very dark”, “sobbed throughout”,  “wanted to be Woody when I was little”…. Interesting,  I thought.

On a whim I headed out this afternoon to watch it in 3D at the Pierce Point Theater in Amelia.  No spoiler alerts necessary, but I will say that I highly doubted all of the people who said they actually cried in this movie.  I was thinking- toys, Disney, kids- how do tears fit into this picture? Well…..make sure you keep some of your butter-greased napkins handy just in case you succumb.

Thanks to all of you WOMMers out there- I heard your chatter and I heeded the call to action to watch Toy Story 3.  I’m glad I did and I’m glad my soon to be high school freshman enjoyed it with me.


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