Creating Connections in Cincinnati

Gotta love the whole idea of social media connectivity.  I was on the air Monday night (6/7/10) on Cincinnati Fox 19 News with an interview about a seminar I created called  “Keeping Kids Safe on the Social Media Highway” which ran at the METS Center on 6/8/10.  How the interview came about is a lesson in the six degrees of separation game with some good old fashioned social media sleuthing thrown in for good measure.

Various people had been spreading or RTing (Retweeting) the seminar information over the previous two weeks on Twitter.  Corey McConnell (@Fox19Corey), reporter for Fox 19 News, happened to see Suzanne Deatherage’s  (@SDeatheragePR) Tweet below:


Corey and I had never met and were not linked in any way on the social media highway.  She sent a public Tweet (using an @message) to Suzanne, asking her to call as she was trying to get some info on me.  Suzanne gave her my contact number which she happened to have because we met last fall at a Northern Kentucky networking event at Hofbrau Haus sponsored by Justin Rains, owner of Portal Planet- a web development & hosting company.  Since then, Suzanne and I have bumped into each other at other networking events around the city and frequently communicate on Twitter. Justin was one of the first people I met in the New Media Cincinnati Group almost two years ago. I’m not sure what the initial connection was between Suzanne and Justin, but I’m sure there is a great networking story in there somewhere!

I had my Droid on silent and did not realize that Channel 19 was trying to contact me.  I was, however, working on a project on my PC and received a LinkedIn notification from Suzanne that Corey was trying to reach me. Suzanne’s 9:30 a.m. Tweet finally brought Corey and I together at about 1:45 p.m. and she had a camera crew on their way out to the C3 Office for an interview within 2 hours.  The interview aired that night and the next morning.  See interview HERE.

Internet Safety/Reputation Managment Seminar for Parents

What I love about this story is the thread of community connections.  People I have met in the Cincinnati area Social Media/PR/Marketing world have been incredibly willing to share their knowledge/expertise with others and to help promote events and work that colleagues are doing.  I am proud to be part of an incredible circle of business associates and friends and am honored that so many people believe in the work that I am doing in the On-Line Job Search arena for professionals in Transition and the Internet Safety/Reputation Management work I am doing for tweens and teens.

Often times we joke about living in the Cincinnati ‘Mayberry’ Bubble, where “everyone knows your name” or at least went to your (insert: grade school, high school, college, parish, church community) or knows someone who did.  I’m glad that my Mayberry Community is made up of special people like Shannon Boyer, Sean Ater, Jeanne Bernish, Ann Lightfoot, Daniel Johnson Jr., Erin Schreyer, Elaine Suess, Mike Boehmer and a countless host of others who

stay passionately connected to causes that make a difference in the lives of folks in our city.

Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Creating Connections in Cincinnati”

  1. This is very cool, Michelle! I wasn’t able to bring up the YouTube video on my Droid, so I’ll have to wait until I get back to my computer.

    I have heard in Cincinnati there are no six degrees of separation. It’s more like three.

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