Keeping Kids Safe on the Social Media Highway

Has your child taken up farming or mentioned joining the Mafia?

Have you ever driven a car full of tweens and not a single word was spoken?

Does your son suddenly spend inordinate amounts of time doing “homework” on the computer?

Have your co-workers mentioned “friending” their children and you have no clue what they mean?

Do you think Chat Roulette involves a trip to Vegas?

Got your attention?  Great!  I’m uber excited about the “Keeping Kids Safe on the Social Media Highway” program that my friend and Beech Acres Parenting colleague, Brent Laman and I are putting together for the Cincinnati community on the evening of Tuesday, June 8th, 2010.  This is something I have wanted to do for a long time and stems from my own desire years ago to keep my kids safe as they spent progressively more time on the computer at home.  We will cover the following key areas for parents of kids from tweens through college age:

  • Evolution of Communication- how kids connect today
  • Most popular Social Media Sites kids are using
  • Appropriate Content
  • Reputation Management- what colleges & employers look for
  • Facebook: An in-depth look including key privacy settings
  • Safety Issues:  Cyber-bullying, stolen identity, sexual predators, chat rooms, chat roulette
  • Blocking inappropriate content and sites on your home PC
  • Pending legislation to deal with safety issues

We will end with a Q&A session and a chance for parents to share what has worked successfully in their own families. Brent and I have worked together for over a decade  as contractors for Beech Acres Parenting Center presenting many programs for parents and families in the greater Cincinnati area.

Who are your children "talking" to??

My work over the last 6 six years in the field of social media marketing strategy and Brent’s background working with youth in the Hamilton County Juvenile Court system are a perfect blend to present what parents need to know about keeping kids safe on-line.  We are thrilled to be able to share our knowledge on this very important subject with other parents.

Here is some additional information:

WNKU interview of Michelle about this issue- the segment aired on 5/21/10.  Take a listen.

Program registration: FREE program on June 8th from 7:00 p.m.- 8:30 pm. at the METS Center by the CVG Airport

Do you speak text chat language?  Make sure you know what your kids are communicating on-line.  Check out this humorous piece below:

This is one very good reason why you MUST attend this class! Look at what your children are exposed to in your own home with Chat Roulette, a site gaining in popularity. See below:

Feel free to contact me directly via Twitter or email with any questions!

Keep your kids safe by maintaining open lines of communication with them and knowing where they are on-line!


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