Silencing Droid: Intentional Moments

Intentional Moments

Welcome to another episode of Social Media in my world….Have been thinking a lot about balance lately and making sure that I am not losing the “I” in C3.  Went to the annual Beech Acres Parenting Center Contractor’s meeting last night and Dave Brewer, BAPC Director of Learning, spoke about the Center’s mission of Intentional, Strength-based Parenting.  He used some great visuals to show how we can share the message of nurturing children’s natural gifts and leveraging opportunities to deeply connect with them one moment at a time with parents.

He shared the following imagery:  Imagine walking along a path and with each step your foot caresses the ground becoming one with the earth. If we can truly focus on this action, then we have rooted ourselves fully into the moment.  We have become intentional in our thought patterns.  We have let go of the world and what is happening at this very second. To me, this sounds like the beacon of light I should move towards and a complete antithesis of the mobile 24/7 world in which I have immersed myself.

Dave gave me a gift last night that went beyond sharing the Mission and Vision of Beech Acres Parenting Center and how we, as contractors can help integrate the mission into our respective service offerings. Instead, he reminded me that I need to be intentional in my own personal life.  I need to nurture my gifts, strengthen my core, and spend time just breathing.  This is so hard to do when you are incredibly passionate about your work and that work resides in the exciting field of social media marketing strategy that seems to update by the minute.

Scheduling some time with yourself should be a way of  life and I plan to make this a regular practice.  Now where is that secluded beach???


4 thoughts on “Silencing Droid: Intentional Moments”

  1. I’m honored that you mention these ideas in your blog. Ideas like these take root when they are sown in fertile soil. Check out Thích Nhất Hạnh and Ekhart Tolle.

    Visualize a world where we live completely in the now, where past and present do not exist. How would we live our moments differently? Who would we be with our children?

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