Connecting with LinkedIn

LinkedIn Connections
Connecting with LinkedIn

Finally starting to see LinkedIn become a living, breathing social media platform and not just a place for people to park their resume.  LinkedIn has so many incredible capabilities that a lot of people don’t know about.  For those that do, there is a 60 million + network of professionals to tap into.  Here are some of the ways that I use LinkedIn in my daily life:

Status Update– I add a direct update about once week and have Twitter update automatically to the LI status on an ongoing basis

Net result:  Brand awareness- people in my network keep up with what I am working on and my name becomes top of mind.  Have run into several people who state that they “see” my name everywhere.

Groups– I post articles to key groups that I am involved with and also stay on top of discussions to see if there is anything I can add of value to the discourse.

Net result:  lately I have seen some great questions asked and lengthy conversations among group members on the following local Groups:  New Media Cincinnati, Girlfriendology, CincySM and Social Pt Networking.  Some of the discussions have been so spirited that they have moved off-line to an in-person meet-up.  This off-line movement is precisely what social media is all about: begin the conversation and then deepen your connection and make things happen by meeting live.  Authentic Leadership in Cincinnati is a great example of a LI group that has regular meetings and has gone on to gain 501(c) (3)  status as a non-profit organization.

Search– I look up EVERYONE that I will be doing business with as well as company profiles.

Net result– start out your in-person meeting with points of commonality gleaned from your stealth research

Adding Contacts– I make sure I get a business card and I try to send an invitation request to people I want to have a deeper connection with soon after the event.

Net result– You add folks while the reason to connect is fresh in your mind and obtaining  a business card ensures  an email address in case their invite settings require this information.

Do I add everyone I meet? NO

Do I accept every request that comes my way? NO

Do I have a distinct strategy for how I use LinkedIn?  YES!  and that’s the basis of a future post!

Check out my LinkedIn Profile.


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