Work-Work Balance: Listening to the Third Tribers

Work-Work Balance
Balancing Your World

I have discovered an interesting phenomenon that is underscoring the post I wrote earlier this week (Pure Energy) in which I expounded upon the fact that I needed to make some changes in my work world because balance was getting out of hand.  One might call this transparency, but for me, writing is a way to get something out of my system- to eliminate nagging thoughts or stressors that threaten to poison my equilibrium.  It’s kind of like the heave and spew method.  Bad stuff bubbles up and the quickest way to feeling better is to just toss the cookies (apologies to any readers who just had breakfast….).  The big discovery this week, is that I am not alone in feeling the effects of this fast-paced social media world.  Several of the gurus that I hold in high esteem have written posts recently about their need to slow down the pace and to redirect their focus. I love Chris BroganI admire his work, what he has done for the industry and his incredible emphasis on giving back. He talks about the need for cutting back in this post.  Gary Vaynerchuk (@GaryVee), the author of Crush It, who told the world that it’s all about following your passion and building brand equity says the following in his promotional book video below:

“I want to do it all. I want to Crush It to the craziest level. I want to beat everyone’s face in a positive business way!”

Well Gary just released a new video that is getting loads of play on the Third Tribe Forum in which he is telling us all that he is scaling back.  He has realized that you can’t maintain Crush It! levels of existence for long periods of time without losing something in the bargain.  He talks about focusing more on the corporate business at hand and scaling back his access to the masses, from Twitter to speaking engagements.  He also mentions the need for personal balance and getting back to regular exercise and activities that he enjoys.

This is all so timely for me and brings a warning for companies as they expand their social media strategies into the next phase of engagement capitalization.  Yes, we live in a 24/7 world. Yes,  I really do sleep with my Droid.  Yes, having a flexible schedule and incredible passion and excitement for what I do means that I work way more hours/week then I did in my corporate job. But in the end, if I don’t deal with Work-Work and Work-Life Balances, then how can I go on?  More importantly, how can I advise my clients on their own time management issues???

Definitely food for thought! Drop me a comment on how you are meeting this challenge in your business, in your world.


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