Networking with LinkedIn

Michelle BeckhamJust experienced an 18hr straight run with Social Media- yes, I did sneak in about 4.5 hours of sleep in the middle of it all, but I can tell you that my lunch-time Diet Coke must have just hit the wall, because my energy level just tumbled. Anyway, getting to the point: the importance of taking on-line networking connections off-line and into the real world.  I am the first to say that social media tools are an excellent way to make that first connection.  I have written numerous times about the clients, business partners, and new friends I have met first virtually.  The key is that all of these relationships were taken to the next, more intimate level:  the in-person connection.  That connection can be anything from a simple phone call, an actual meeting or doing a web conference call with Skype or Talkshoe.  Choose whichever method allows you to interact with the other individual in a way that goes beyond mere words on a screen.

It completely rocks when that virtual connection you have been stoking the flames with creates a real life feeling of being in synch with the other party.  I think the time spent virtually gives most of us that ability to jump right into a more intimate relationship because we have already cut through all of the exterior niceties.  We can jump into the heart of our meeting whether it is a business deal or a friendship because the basic  info has already been shared.

One of my passions is working with women in transition.  I had the opportunity to do a seminar on Networking With LinkedIn for Act Three owned by Julie Shifman. Julie’s company helps women to navigate the next chapter or “act” in their lives.  Her mission is a great fit for my passion, so look for more to come from our collaboration.  Want to know my thoughts immediately following the dynamic discussion with the women in attendance today?

You know the drill- press the PLAY button!

And video  from January talking about C3’s LinkedIn Classes for Women:


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