Yes, you heard that right.  For some odd inter-galactic reason, I have been off my stride which is horribly uncharacteristic of me.  Reflection is showing me that this must have been the universe trying to put some stability back into the Tsunami that swallowed up my world recently.

2010 started off with a bang with a lot of new business, new opportunities and new people entering my virtual and real lives.  February and March flew by so fast that the weeks were sheer memories.  In fact, my hair salon called one day to remind me of an appointment and I was flabbergasted, thinking they had it wrong.  I truly felt I had just been there a week or so ago for a haircut.  Well folks, calendars don’t lie- it had been six freaking weeks!!  This was all great stuff from a business perspective and the bottom line, especially for a business less than a year old; but not so good from a personal perspective.

Shattered Glass
Attribution: Image: 'Glass 1' http://www.flickr.com/photos/85473033@N00/378984660

As they say, you can only juggle so many balls effectively until something drops and shatters into a myriad of sharp splinters on the floor.  I am not Wonder Woman, Wonder Mom or Wonder Social Media Strategist/Business Coach.  I have come to the realization that I need to do one of two things to bring balance back to my universe:

  1. Scale back operations

  2. Hire some additional employees and/or take on a partner

I have hit the proverbial growth point where key decisions have to be made.  If I have been fully transparent or if you happen to know me from another life, then you can guess which option I will choose.  Till then, happy trails and beware of the tsunamis that may strike your life in the night! Call me, text me, tweet me and I’ll help you through the rain…….


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