Passionate About Writing


to be back on topic with Social Media in my World-the subject of this Blog. I have been passionate about writing since I could hold a pencil and have been consistently doing it ever since!  I was recently selected to be an Examiner.Com writer, which I am totally thrilled about, but there is clearly a difference in writing style for the Examiner.  It goes something like this:

Poetry:Novel :: Personal Blog Post:Examiner Article

I love the free flowing ability with poetry to capture my thoughts in quick phrase bytes of words which is a sharp contrast with my novel.  The novel does involve bursts of creativity and stream of consciousness because it is fiction at its core, but still I must conduct research so that the details are believable.  And so it is with posts I write for the Examiner.  They feel more like a research project for school vs. writing for my two personal blogs Michelle Beckham’s Blog and Kaleidoscope Discoveries.   Blog writing allows me to tackle similar subjects that are found in Examiner articles, but I can approach them from my personal thoughts and experiences and not from purely 3rd person journalistic research practices.  There is certainly a need for both types of writing and I am lucky to have gigs straddling both worlds.

Here are a couple of lines from each page I reside on:

Kaleidoscope Discoveries


Raging storms
Like falling tides
Have a way of reappearing
Anger waxes and wanes
Like the moonlight in your eyes
And I am left with the distinct
Feeling that all was a dream…..

Dreamscape the Novel

John would take out a pocket knife hidden in his sock drawer and make quick, straight lines into his arm drawing blood.  Sometimes if the intense feelings of emotional pain hit him outside of the privacy of his room, he would use the ragged edge of a cut calling card to carve those beloved lines into his skin.  Each feeling of physical pain worked its way into erasing the emotional pain that was tearing him apart; leaving behind fading pink scars of his secret actions…..

Michelle Beckham’s Blog: Building Trust in a Virtual World

People live their lives today pressed between the flowing pages of Twitter and the back and forth banter of blogs. They connect with professionals via their profiles on LinkedIn and run them through Google search as a matter of routine background check.  Presented with rich content, they sift through the information trying to determine the desired level of connection……

Cincinnati Examiner: Cincinnati Tweeters attempt to earn a foursquare Swarm badge

Cincinnati Tweeters will attempt to earn a foursquare Swarm badge by gathering for a Friday Happy Hour Tweet-up event to celebrate foursquare Day on April 16th.  The date has significance to the event as April is the 4th month and 4X4 and 4 squared = 16. Seem a little geekish? Welcome to the wonderful world of shiny digital media toys!  Earning the group badge is a great way to bring people together for fun and networking.

See ya next time…..


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