Googlenati Catches the High Speed Network Wave

Photo courtesy of Googlenati Facebook Fan Page

Google is looking for a test community to run an ultra- high speed fiber optics network for up to 500,000 users with speeds of up to one gigabyte/second (about 100X faster than what most people experience today).  Many in the Queen City feel that Cincinnati would be the ultimate testing ground.  Cincinnati has made a name for itself as a hotbed for social media action; a digital hub of sorts, over  the last several years.  There are many prominent social/digital media networking groups in the city, among them New Media Cincinnati founded by Daniel Johnson, Jr. and Cincinnati Social Media (CincySM) founded by Kevin Dugan, Dave Knox and Daniel Lally who all have PR/Comm/Digital/Soc Media roles within their respective companies (Empower MediaMarketing, Procter & Gamble, Pinger PR at Powers Agency). Marketing giant Procter & Gamble has its world HQs here.

Cincinnati city council submitted an application for the city in time for the Friday, March 26, 2010 deadline. James Pilcher, of the Cincinnati Enquirer, states in his 3/26 article, “Cincinnati to Google: please come here”, that the city undertook this task with very little hoopla. Fans of the project have taken matters into their own hands and in the strong social media spirit that surrounds the city, have created a Facebook Fan Page and a Twitter account to promote awareness.  The Fan page has nearly 2,400 fans as of this posting, and one can see clearly the calls for action  by the Page administrator to:

  1. Nominate Cincinnati on the Google Site
  2. Spread the message to at least 25 friends on FB
  3. Upload home-grown Youtube Videos to showcase why Cincinnati would be a stellar choice

The active level of fans engaging with the Page and with other fans is encouraging to see.  No matter what Google ultimately decides, Cincinnati is clearly showing that it is plugged in, on-line and ready to share its message or cause via social media channels with the rest of the world.

Googlenati Facebook Fan Page

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