72 Hrs Into Foursquare = ADDICTION!

Watchouts Discovered In First 72 Hours of  Foursquare Use:

Given my Gamer past and competitive nature, I was quite eager to get several check-ins down on my first day.  My first Check-in was at The Pub, the location of the monthly New Media Cincinnati 2nd Saturday Meetups and I made several stops (aka- ‘drive bys’) on the way home following the event.  Love racking up the points for first time visits. The next day gave me an opportunity to add some new venues to the location menu.  Downside- you need to have the full address information for input.  I tried to put in my favorite coffee spot, Luckman’s Coffee and there was absolutely no address anywhere on the front door or shopping center.  Looks like we need a Super User to swing in and clean things up!  Apparently, Foursquare assigns these tech savvy folks to keep the “neighborhood” blight-free.  So here are some things I discovered in my first 72 hours:

  • It it is a thrill to be Mayor.
  • I spend a lot of time at my church(3 Check-ins already)-looks like I’m praying, but actually I’m involved on quite a few volunteer projects and boards ( but yeah, I’m praying for you between meetings!)
  • Pushing info out to friends, Twitter, Facebook– make it reasonable, like sharing info on becoming mayor or unlocking a badge
  • Be careful who you add or accept as a friend- does said person really need to know your whereabouts?
  • DO NOT ADD YOUR HOME LOCATION-even if you call it ‘Heaven’, Foursquare will still pick up your ACTUAL location coordinates
  • Being on Foursquare shows you info that  you may not really care to know about other people- for example, did I really need to know that Jon was out pubbing it until 3:00 a.m.? or that Liza is a Baptist, cus she checked into Hyde Park Baptist on Sunday morning?  Even found out who rides the Express Bus from Anderson into downtown Cincinnati for the daily commute.
  • Haven’t uncovered any business specials yet; but I am digging the tips that others are leaving behind about each venue.

Warning:  Don’t try to shop and Check-In/Add tips at the same time- you will inevitably run your cart into another human being and risk looking a bit “shiny toy”-obsessed!  Listen to the vid below and answer the question in the comment section underneath.


Update:  Here are some additional great watch-outs from Dave at Systembash:


2 thoughts on “72 Hrs Into Foursquare = ADDICTION!”

  1. Michelle-
    Really Enjoyed reading your insights on Foursquare — As a New User— Your new discoveries in the first 72 hours are very helpful. I could see myself accidentally running my cart into an innocent shopper ! 🙂

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