Social Media Skeptics Absent at CincySM

CincySM Hashtag Logo
CincySM Hashtag Logo

CincySM began life as the digital/social media networking group Cincinnati Social Media Breakfast and was a part of the national network of Social Media Breakfast Groups founded by Bryan Person in August of 2007 to bring professionals, enthusiasts and newbies together to exchange ideas.  You can read about Bryan’s start HERE. Our local group was founded by Kevin Dugan, Director of Social Marketing-Empower MediaMarketing; Dan Lally,Vice President of Public Relations- Powers Agency & Dave Knox, Brand Manager – P&G Productions in 2008.  Stacy Cole, an attorney with Graydon Head & Ritchey joined the group in late 2009.  All powerhouses in their respective fields, the group has consistently brought excellent content to the local social media digital scape.

Events include nationally well-known speakers at unique venues around the city that allow for plenty of Q&A time and networking.  Hints are dropped about upcoming registration opps and if you aren’t plugged into one of the group member’s live feeds or connected directly to the CincySM LinkedIn Group, you are bound to miss out.  Some events have been known to sell-out within hours.  Reminds me of Buffet in the summer……. Each event has a sponsor that makes the event zero cost to participants and for those who are “locked” out and reside on the perpetual wait list, there is always the live-stream. Follow the hashtag above and you will feel as if you were in the room as this group does an excellent job of live-tweeting the meeting.

So here are some take-aways from yesterday’s “Social Media for Skeptics at LPK” Event.  Gotta tell you that of the 100 folks registered, I’m betting that there were few skeptics in the room.  Cruise the partip list and you will see some of the biggest names on the local social media scene.

CincySM recommends these key points when evaluating Social Media











Some great examples of Social Media Success Stories:

  • Mentos & Diet Coke Experiment– user generated video went viral and the equivalent of $10 million in free publicity was obtained
  • Pepsi- Iced Cucumber SKU introduction in Japan- Bloggers sang it’s praises, went viral and Pepsi moved 5 million bottles in 8 weeks

Look for case study info on these success stories:  Sharpie, SODEXO and our local Cincinnati Museum Center in an upcoming post.

If the group interests you- join the LinkedIn CincySM group NOW:  HERE!


6 thoughts on “Social Media Skeptics Absent at CincySM”

  1. Great post on about a great meet-up. I’ve only been to a couple of the Cincy SM events. I checked the LinkedIn, Facebook and website only to find them woefully out of date. Here I was thinking they were just managed by someone with too little time to update them – little did I know it was a marketing strategy! I do hope to attend more – guess I will have to rely on you, my friend, to let me know when they are publishing on Eventbrite!

  2. Thanks for sharing this Michelle. I had RSVP’s, but the morning got away from me and I couldn’t make it. I always enjoy the presentations they put together.

  3. Yes Michelle it was a good informative presentation with a great turnout, including many of the ‘movers and shakers’ in the Cincinnati social media and Internet marketing scene. Thanks for the recap with some historical info on the background of the group.

    I suggest folks who are interested in future meetings but not yet in the LinkedIn group to click the link and join, as the meetings do fill up fast and it is a good way to connect and interact with other people interested in social media.

  4. Thanks, Michelle. I feel fortunate to have attended most of this group’s events. They’re great, for the reasons you mention. I learn a lot every time I attend — and get a chance to connect with some fun and interesting people.

  5. Thanks all! We are very fortunate to have this founding trio + Stacy Cole on board to provide such meaningful learning/sharing opportunities. Kudos to the sponsoring firms that recognize the value in supporting the group’s mission.

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