Michelle Unplugged:Third Tribe & Drew LaPlante

Drew LaPlante- pic courtesy of Drew LaPlante

Third Tribe Rocks!  So glad I became a Charter Member, learning much from some of the greatest marketing minds out there.  But, all busy social media marketing moguls need to kick back every so often and I do that by listening to my good friend Drew LaPlante, music maker and dreamer of dreams,  play live at a local venue on a Friday night.  There is usually a gathering of my local creative friends and we sit back, chill and talk business.  Yes the hand-helds, smart phones, etc. come out and in true social media fashion we document our existence by Tweeting, Twitpic-ing, sending updates to Facebook and checking in with Foursquare. And in between it all we laugh and talk and discuss the night away.  So glad we are champion multi-taskers!  Check Drew’s music out here. He has a new EP coming out soon.

Michelle Beckham & Drew LaPlante- courtesy of my Droid



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