All That Twitter is Gold

Twitter has been on my mind lately. Despite Twitter’s 4th birthday next month, there still exists a significant portion of the population (at least in my little corner of the world) who think that Twitter is only about people who share tweets detailing what they had to eat for lunch.  I operate in the public speaking realm in the tri-state and invariably I always get one person who will make this comment and claim that Twitter has no relevance for them.  Do people NOT take the time to do a little research??!!! I’m picturing lemmings who hear a message and believe in totality without checking it out for themselves as they follow each other off the cliff……

I posted this thought on Twitter the other day and my smart alec New Media Cincy Tweeple replied back in a string of messages (here and here) outlining their lunch menus!!

Twitter has been an incredible tool for me in the following ways:

  • Keeps me updated on the latest news within the industries that I am tracking
  • Helps me to locate people to do business with
  • Helps me find people with similar interests  to share ideas
  • Handy as a search engine for real time  information
  • Communication tool (DMs are wonderful!)
  • Directs traffic to targeted sites
  • Great place to start relationships- have met many Tweeple who have become my good friends IRL

In today’s professional work world, everyone should know what Twitter is all about. Not advocating that everyone use it, but knowledge is power; so why tip the canoe against your favor?  Now if I was further along with my Chris Brogan Third Tribe work, then this would be the place where I would insert a link to a handy dandy Twitter Ebook or Webinar at a nominal cost so that you, loyal Blog reader could be truly informed on Twitter and how to maximize it’s use…….. In the mean time give me a shout and I’ll hook you up with info on my Social Media Learning Lab Class Series if you are in the Cincinnati area.


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