New Media Cincinnati is all aBuzz!!

Google Buzz
Protecting My Privacy from the Onslaught of Google Buzz- c/o Christiaan Todd Photography

So, I  went to the New Media Cincy 2nd Saturday Meetup this evening.  Amazingly large crowd- standing room only.  Glad Ann Lightfoot of Christiaan Todd Photography saved me a seat.  Big discussion on the roll-out of Google Buzz and the privacy issues that are avalanching to unknowing users. Gives me reason to pause, and I’m already somewhat “out there” on the net, lol.

Thought I’d share this great pic from Christiaan Todd- shows me incognito as I hide out from being discovered on Google Buzz.

Have you got your Buzz on yet??!!!


3 thoughts on “New Media Cincinnati is all aBuzz!!”

    1. Thanks Dan! I’m really glad the community discussed Google Buzz and shared insight from the early adopters. It is definitely something to keep tabs on. Now if we could just get a meeting centered around Google Wave…..

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