Jeffrey Dahmer to Social Media, WTH??

Time for some more every day social media in my little world.  I’ve got a kid who is briliant, actually have a pair, but I digress.  This particular kid recently took one of those college standardized tests as practice for the REAL THING.  Apparently he must have done well on it, because every major college and university in this country is emailing ME (wondering how they got my MY addy??!!) stating what an outstanding student the kid is and why he should choose ‘X’ university.  I kid you not, I am getting about 5 or 6 of these a day and they usually include slick marketing pieces that require confirmation of personal information in order to have access to links for great stuff.

Gotta love the direct marketing approach.  Here are a couple:

C***, I’ve selected you to receive two college search tools that are going to keep you on track to find the right school and gain admission. Both are courtesy of  XYZ University, and it’s my pleasure to share them with you!

Hi C***,

You’re a talented student, and I bet you’re spending time checking out schools on the Web. To help you know what to look for, I’ll mail you Surfing Secrets: An Insider’s Guide to College Web Sites.

All you have to do to receive this free guide from XYZ State is to click here — it’s that easy!

Hmmn reminds me of those yellow highlighter internet marketers.  Boy have things changed from when I was in high school and our initial information was found by hanging out in the Guidance Office pulling college pahmplets off the shelf and looking over them from the comfort of the carpeted floor.

I took one of the tests that was sent to the kid.  It promised to help choose a major;  am wondering if the majority of 35+ year olds in this country would be in a different profession today, if they had taken this handy-dandy test.  My results were as follows:

enjoy getting creative.
like having your own individual style.
prefer to branch out on your own.
aren’t afraid to challenge norms.
get satisfaction from self-expression.

So True!

Matching Majors:

Fine Arts
Performing Arts
• Radio, Television, Film
English or Creative Writing
Fine Arts Education

The real results:  I do like being creative and was a writer from way back when I could hold a pencil.  Have a history of success with writing from winning contests in grade school and high school to being selected to attend a summer program for gifted students at the University of Maryland when I was still in high school.  I have written hundreds of essays, poems, articles, short stories and one novel.  Did I major in English?  Hell no!  Even back then, I had the sense that I somehow couldn’t make money from this “hobby” of mine and besides my true love was messing with people’s minds.  My ultimate goal:  to be a psychiatrist and handle a couple of Sybils in my lifetime; maybe a Jeffrey Dahmer or two.  Human behavior fascinates the hell out of me.  Having a highly analytical mind just fuels the fire.  I used to create surveys and interview students at my all girls college prep school and tablulate the results.  Guess I was doing market research without even knowing it.

So yeah, I went on without the benefit of this little test to become a Pre-med major in school in order to later make Psychiatry my specialty in Med School.  Skip forward 3.5 years later and I found myself with a job offer senior year from Procter & Gamble in Sales Management.  So how did I get from Silence of the Lambs to Metamucil?  Well that my friends,  is a story for another time. Gotta love the Web 2.0  World!

Hanging out in the High School Guidance Office
Hanging out in the High School Guidance Office B.G. (Before Google)

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