Proud To Be Part of the Third Tribe

Chris Brogan & Michelle Beckham at SummitUp: A Social Media Confab
Chris Brogan & Michelle Beckham at SummitUp: A Social Media Confab

Gotta tell you I am truly psyched about being part of Chris Brogan’s Third Tribe Movement.  I had the opportunity to meet Chris last fall in Dayton at the SummitUp Social Media Confab in which he was one of  the key note speakers.  As part of the pre-conference marketing, Summit Up organizers launched a Twitter contest based on being prolific in conference mentions.  I happened to win and had the opportunity to sit at the Speakers’ table at the conference with Chris and the other speakers.

Not only did I love Chris’s talk, but found him to be an incredibly down-to-earth guy with a big heart and focus on giving back to the community.  I had been following him for a long time, as have most folks active in social media, and we had corresponded several times via DM tweets prior to the conference.  Anyway, I am an avid reader of his blog and am connected to him on Facebook as well as several other social media sites and I happened to see his post on the creation of  the Third Tribe.  You can read about it here.

Knowing that Chris puts out great content, I took a look and was incredibly impressed with the program.  The value is unbelievable, especially for the early adopters who got in prior to Friday evening (2/5/10).  The price has now doubled!  Haven’t had a chance to jump into it yet, but a cursory glance at the hashtag stream (#ThirdTribe) is showing that people are very happy with the program.  I keep hearing about the forums and how much great info is there- people are tweeting that it has been hard to break away from the great learning that is going on.

Once I get into it, I will report back on my findings.  I’m thinking with my penchant for immersing myself into the social media pond, this just may lead to me being AWOL from my daily life for a while…..Thanks Chris, so glad to have another tool to be passionate about!

Find some of the Third Tribe Conversations that Chris has captured in a recent post on his blog  HERE


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