Social Media Comes in Tiny Packages

Sitting here at my desk after a whirl wind two days and watching the falling shadows outside my window is giving me pause.  For a moment nothing electronic or web-related is competing for my attention.  It is completely quiet in my office.  It is 5:16 p.m.  This kind of deep quiet makes me realize that sometimes in the midst of flurry, we need to walk away and breathe: to be still and just “be”.

Since I am truly in the moment, this is a great time to share an interesting story that has to do with the SOCIAL in SOCIAL MEDIA.  For several weeks, probably as long as Cincinnati has been immersed in this cold snap, I have been hearing what sounds like a small person walking above the ceiling of my bedroom in a suburban house.  At first I thought it was a very large bird, but after it kept reoccurring night after night, I began to believe that no bird in the world would keep coming back to my roof in the dead of night, in the dead of winter.  I started to listen more intently and I noticed that the sounds were from some type of very heavy creature.  I began to think that some large animal was having a nightly party on my roof.  Finally last night the sounds were so strong and close that it felt like there was a fugitive walking around in  my atttic.  It dawned on me at that moment that I actually do have an attic (it’s a place that we go once or twice a  year and is quickly forgotten!).  If I am hearing heavy footsteps above my bedroom ceiling, then they probably are coming from within the attic!

I checked out the roof the next day from a safe spot across the street and could see a pattern of large footprints in the snow covering the full length of my roof.  I realized that this “something” was using the nearby trees to climb up and onto the roof and when I followed the tree line and it’s intersection with roof top, I saw to my horror a huge gaping hole in the soffett that looks as if a pack of beavers had gnawed it open.  Not good!  After some discussion, we determined that there is probably a 100 lb raccoon living up there during the daytime and crawling out at night, just as I’m going to bed.  Next up is to call the critter catcher to take care of the situation.  I for one am not even going to attempt to climb into the attic.  I just don’t want to see what might be there, especially after reading all about the damage raccoons can do here.

So. now I know that the social sounds I was hearing were not a figment of my imagination, but I’m guessing I have even greater problems with destruction and feces.  Lol, it’s always something…..

Several weeks later…………..No 100lb raccoon, but a family of squirrels.  I believe about 4 or 5 were captured humanely in traps and released into the woods (far, far away from my house!).  We used a company called Advantage Wildlife Removal. I am now sleeping quite well, unless of course I am awakened by my Droid!


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