Hope for Haiti Album Cover by iTunes
Hope for Haiti Album Cover by iTunes

Monday mornings following a hectic week and equally busy weekend are a hard thing to face.  This is my time to reflect and to share my thoughts in a myriad of places.  My morning ritual consists of checking all of my “conversational” sites: email, Facebook and Twitter.  I write in a daily gratitude journal which holds lists of things I am incredibly grateful for and also serves as a journal of sorts detailing the flowing events of my life.  I am incredibly blessed and I strive to recognize these blessings and call them out.  Raising self-awareness helps me to keep myself in check.

This particular morning I’m haunted by the words and music from the Hope For Haiti Album that I purchased from iTunes on Saturday (all proceeds go to help Haiti).  I watched most of the special on t.v. last week and was incredibly touched by the power of the stories and the passionate music that emanated from the audience-less stage.  I’m sure a lot of people are wondering how such a horrible thing could happen to a country that has seen so many hard times over the centuries.  I am heartened to see the varous organizations across the world come together to help, but sadness for the Haitian people still fills my senses.

I have always told my children that they are extremely blessed to have been born into their particular circumstances.  They are bright kids with loads of leadership potential and the skill mix to set the world on fire one day.  My message has always been for them to take their gifts and talents and make a difference for those who have been born into different circumstances or who do not have a voice in the world.  As one of the 13 yr old girls in a Confirmation group I led over the weekend said, “God made all of us equal, it is only the circumstances of where we are born that affects the rest of our lives.”  Very thought provoking……

“Just call on me brother, when you need a hand.  We all need somebody to lean on.”

Lean On Me sung by Kid Rock, Cheryl Crow & Keith Urban on the Hope For Haiti Album

Check it out HERE

How do you share your gifts and talents with the world around you?


2 thoughts on “HOPE……”

  1. It is all so familiar to me. The scenes of devastation differ little from what we went through at home. Haiti got pounded far harder than New Orleans, but the images of human suffering are so very much the same.

    I must admit that I have not been able to muster my nerve to really write about it because every draft turns into a meandering rant about man’s inhumanity to man.

    I also have to confess that while I am glad to see such rapid response it also touches off the same white hot fury I’ve had during the forest fires out West and the flooding in this part of the country a year or two ago. Fury as I cannot get the thought out of my mind, “Why them, Why not us?” Why does everywhere else rate and NOLA got abandoned. Help is on the way actually means something outside of South Eastern Louisiana.

    Please understand, I want to see more effective aid to Haiti. No one should be abandoned when Mother Nature calls collect. It just opens so many old wounds, so many thoughts of aid turned away from New Orleans at gunpoint and Blackwater mercenaries on the ground in my streets. (If anyone has an issue with this meet me a round of drinks and I’ll tell you stories and show you pictures that will deprive you of sleep for the next five years.)

    In this instance I am weak, trying to be supportive and donating as much as I can manage yet deprived of my most effective skill- the ability to create a buzz around it. I have not experienced this wince the first few months after Katrina. So please people, reach out and help. If you have any doubts of why let me share some personal experiences with you.

  2. George,

    What you just wrote is raw and gut-wrenching and speaks clearly of a person who has lived through disaster and has seen the sinister side of humanity as well as mother nature. I think that so many of us have lived our lives as if the US was immune to the travesty that befalls the world at large. We always think that the problems are “out there” somewhere. Katrina happened here, yet how many of us know the true stories of what really went down in the after-math.

    You, my friend have the knowledge, the voice and the ability to shed light on the tragedy and I know you have done so with great success from your home base in NOLA

    You have the gift to be able to inspire people to action in the Haiti situation and in others that you choose, simply because you possess all of the attributes to do so: knowledge, experience, gifted writing, persuasive personality and caring individual. As I mentioned in the post, we are given gifts and talents to lend a hand to those who are in need. You are a perfect example of someone who lives every day precisely this way.
    When your buzz gets going, I’m sure it will be incredibly impactful! Thanks for sharing.

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