View of Twitter Lists that @michellebeckham has been placed on.


I am in no way, shape or form a Tech Geek, but I am a Data Freak.  My brain is highly analytical and is constantly evaluating and crunching out the statistics around me.  So for kicks this morning, I decided to take a look at my Twiter Lists to see if any interesting information could be gleaned there.  What are Twitter Lists you ask??

Twitter Lists debuted in the fall of 2009 and are a way to group tweeters into categories to make it easier to keep tabs on the stream of  information emanating from the particular subject matter.  The Mashable Blog states that: “Lists aren’t just static listings of users, but rather curated Twitter () streams of the latest tweets from a specified set of users.” Read the full post here.

Tweetdeck has given users the ability to group tweeters into columns for a while now, so Twitter Lists are just a move in that direction but with the public ability for others to see and follow the created list.  Makes sense to me.  The real power in a Twitter account has switched from the number of followers a tweeter has to the number of  lists the account has been added to AND how many people find the list itself important enough to follow.

What I find highly interesting from a behavioral stand point (you did know that I have a Psych degree, right??!!) is just who ends up on which list.  Let’s say you think you are one of the top bean counters in Cincinnati and a well known twittizen creates a “Bean Counters of Cincy” list and you are NOT on it.  What does that mean?  How do you feel?  What do you do about it, if anything?  Even generic lists like “Cincinnati Tweeters” are not even remotely all encompassing.  The list only exists within the mind and world of the person creating it. Kinda like that quote: “Cogito, ergo sum- I think, therefore I am.”  I am only going to create a list of people that are known to me.  Only the true researchers with lots of time on their hands are going to go the extra mile to determine a full list of tweeters for that category.  Even then, the list would be in a continual state of evolution.

So….here is what I found:

Personal Twitter Acct @michellebeckham has many more people following it than my biz account and shows up on more than double the lists.

Have to say that I started this one in 2/09 which was a couple of months prior to @C3CreateConnect; but the difference has a lot to do with the strategy for each account and the fact that I am much more personal and highly conversational on @michellebeckham. @C3CreateConnect focuses primarily on social media information.

Top Lists for @michellebeckham:

  1. @jackbergstrom/writers 503 accounts listed, 69  following list

  2. @levitanl/social-media-part-2 486 accounts listed. 32 following list

  3. @CincyRecruiters/cincinnati-twitterati 434 accounts listed, 46 following list

Of 69  lists, the top list names for my account were:  Cincinnati, Social Media &  Mkt/PR/Adv

The Coolest list names: Peas-and-carrots & Women-to-follow

Are you into Lists?  Creating, following or just plain lurking and adding the individual tweeters to your following habits? Would love to know your usage strategy.


3 thoughts on “LIST POWER: FACT OR FICTION?”

  1. I love the idea of Twitter lists. I’m *supposed to* create a list of contributors for each issue of the magazine I publish so readers can follow everyone who appears in the issue. The emphasis on “supposed to” is indicative of the fact that I have not yet completed this task due to general lazi…er, busyness. Which is why I say I like the IDEA of lists.

    Following other people’s lists is easy, and therefore awesome.

    1. Tamia, great idea for your magazine! As you can see from the photo, I have yet to create any lists myself. Wanted to let the early adopters have a go at it while I analyzed their usefulness. I really do like the concept and see huge opps for target marketing with Twitter. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. My most important Twitter lists are kept private. I know people who have lists called something like “list for people who wanted to be added to a list” or “sent me DM spam” etc.

    While it might be an ego-boost to find oneself added to a Twitter list, as maybe some form of validation for one’s content, I try not to let it affect me one way or another.

    I believe that we need to continuously refine how we use the tools to make them more useful to us. In Tweetdeck, I’m paying less and less attention to my All Friends and am even considering deleting it altogether, and paying attention to the monitoring stations I’ve set up via various lists I follow.

    If anyone wants me to add them to a list, I might find one for you… 😉

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