So, This Is Me…..





These are words that people use to describe me and I note them here, because they seem to be cropping up more and more often.  I have always been passionate about life and the things that stir my heart:  be they people, places or events.  When I am plugged into something or someone that I truly believe in, then I move heaven and hell to support them.  Highly analytical by nature, intrinsically intelligent, emotionally in tune with the feelings of others and just a bit psychic, I connect with people in a very deep and all encompassing way.

I love life.

I love people.

I love making a difference.

If you and I connect and I truly buy into your brand; what you stand for; who you are, then consider yourself deeply friended.  And for some, that means a life-time of difference…….

Some things people have said about me recently:

“Michelle is an amazing spirit who is completely service and consumer driven. Her passion for constant learning, her ability to adapt to change, and integrity are merely a few attributes that set her apart from her competition…..” -Brian S.

“Michelle is a wonderful speaker, very engaging and ebullient–and extremely knowledgeable about social media.” -Rick W.

“I see Michelle as a gregarious, energetic, intelligent, skilled, integrity-based, innovative marketing and social media consultant and business professional — and a truly genuine, warm person as well.” -Joane M.

“Michelle has passion for the topic of social media, and it shows!” –  Steve L.

“Her passion and enthusiasm for marketing and communications is obvious. I love working with her!” -Daniel J.

“Michelle is a creative, passionate, inspiring, and encouraging person who is a highly valued asset to any organization.” -Brent L.

“Recently I sat in on an outstanding program Michelle conducted introducing Social Media to Your Business Communications Strategy, and was very impressed with her thorough knowledge on the topic and her enthusiasm.” -Jim S.


2 thoughts on “So, This Is Me…..”

    1. Thanks Dan! I took a look at your Wordle- nice piece of art!! I’m guessing my cloud will be heavy on any words that have a connection to communication!

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